Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pseudo-Intelligentsia Slave Catchers: Black on Black Crime

Well I guess I inadvertently coined a new phrase: pseudo-intelligentsia slave catcher. When we think of the Slave Catcher in reference to Black history we know there were white people with a vested interest in retaining as many enslaved people as possible. Did you know that there were Black people who sold each other out to curry favor? Before and after slavery officially ended. Today we can easily spot the them. Republican hacks. They're usually trying to outdo the racist, misrepresent Affirmative Action as a quota for 'unqualified slobs' and would be the first with the rope. Their disdain for all things Black are glaringly obvious. What about the others? 

Which brings me to the Salon article from yesterday. See my last post. Quite a few blog hosts are talking about it with equal dismay. Except there's always somebody that's gotta make excuses or ask why this is a big deal. I have one word for you. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Does having a couple of degrees make you any less culpable for perpetuating the lowest common denominator behavior? Why not direct a booty-shaking video while you're at it Erin Kaplan. Like I asked yesterday, does shooting at someone make it any less unlawful and dangerous when fired by a Black woman? How stupid are we supposed to be? I say keep writing to Salon and tell Joan Walsh to kiss our Black asses

Salon likes to think of itself as a liberal leaning publication but their racism is just as prevalent as views presented in the National Review. This is the same mindset behind the infamous New Yorker cover they claimed was satire. So yet again another media engine run by all white people all the time misses the mark so thoroughly.  Walsh wants to duck, cover and hide behind Black writers while ignoring the fact they are being used to add a few flames to racial arson, not put it out.  All in the name of "diversity". 

There's a number of thoughtful, evocative writers of color who could be hired - and not just for freelance work - but as permanent contributors with a masthead. But somehow a slur isn't supposed to be a slur when it comes from someone who sorta looks like you. Yes we get it, Mrs. O is a stunner, but she's certainly not the exception to the rule. There are plenty of attractive Black women out there. How about hiring writers of conscious instead?

A lot of the misunderstanding comes from this attitude 'why is this is a big deal, it's a compliment'. Black men need to realize once and for all they don't own us. Black women: we don't belong to Black men. Our loyalty should be first and foremost to ourselves. They can't have it both ways, expecting Black women to 'hold it down' for them when they've abandoned us in every way possible. We should be free to walk down the street without harassment. We should not have such a high rate of mostly unreported sexual assault. No more excuses for older men preying on underage girls. 

Perhaps the conversation should be about how women are either under-or-over eating and how too wide a swing on the pendulum is not a good thing. Then perhaps the sight of a normal looking body size wouldn't be such a shocker. There is NO reason for any public discourse about Michelle Obama's body or any other Black woman we don't know.

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Miriam said...

I think this tactic that Walsh and her writer are using is not so much different than what Osama's second henchman is doing.

Start the provocation early. They haven't even packed up to go to enter the white house yet and already the disrepect bandwagon is piling up with folks.

But has the campaign history has shown, they can handle flack. I hope.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Oh sure the Obamas can handle it, but why should they have to? Walsh declared war so it's on as far as I'm concerned.