Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBAMA IS 44!!!!!

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In Numerology the number 44 is considered a Master number and very powerful. The person who best embodies the necessary qualities for 44th President of these oft-divided states needs to be a visionary, create a certain spark of interest, be an open seeker of knowledge, disciplined and willing to combine wisdom with reason. 

Using Obama’s birth date of August 4, 1961 = 8+4+1+9+6+1 = 11 which is another Mater number. 1+1 = 2. The birth number is also the life path number. Now you can also evaluate someone by their name as well, but I really like the life path. I think it’s the ‘face’ we show to the world. 2’s are considerate, creative, inspiring, spiritual and very sensitive. 

We can also evaluate Obama by his astrological sun sign - which is in Leo. In Chinese zodiac animal signs he is an Ox. Leos are very charismatic and have definite star quality, are loyal and born leaders. Oxen like to be in positions of power, but are very down to earth, seek security and are very family oriented.  

Some less enlightened religious interpreters may condemn the use of astrology, runes, numerology etc., but they are simply the application of numbers used as a tool to gain personal insight. We use personality tests, academic exams and psychology to do that as well. The danger is always in having a narrow definition of what “it” means be that religion, sexuality, race or standards of Blackness! That Higher Power is trying to reach out to us in ways that we can easily relate to – hence the prevalence of these ‘spiritual’ self-help books.

The Bible uses a lot of symbolism with the use of the number 40 and 12. The Israelites wandering in the desert, the amount of time Jesus was tempted by the Devil, the number of disciples for example. These numbers are not necessarily literal, but powerful tools which represent something worth further examination.

We really need to think more critically and perhaps put what we read into proper context for the time it was written and how memes are shaped. We also need to utilize various translations and compare the differences when using Greek, Aramaic English and other languages. Singers don’t come into their own vocally until the after the age of 30 development-wise. Why would we expect the acclimation of our religious traditions be similar? Why wouldn’t our growth as humans continue to evolve?

One such example to consider would be how when Jesus was resurrected He could have chosen to come to anyone and he chose his most faithful: the women. Not the most strict rules followers, not the ones that donated the most money and not the ones that showed up in the fanciest clothes.

Do you really think women didn’t have leadership roles on equal standing with the men under those circumstances after that? Or is that a continuation of a social construct like categorizing people by phenotype?

Someone shared a verse from Proverbs 29:2 with me on the eve of Election Day: “When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power they groan.“ And of course the one Commandment those that refer to themselves as Christians are supposed to be following is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Note it doesn’t say:

1. Tell someone how to live based on one's interpretation or personal opinions.
2. Bear false witness and continue to blatantly lie (on the campaign trail).
3. Allow your supporters to seek the physical destruction of your political rival. 
4. Place your interpretations and viewpoints above all else even your “God”.

If leaking confidential immigration data and filing erroneous charges for a candidate’s use of a plane to see a dying relative aren’t reprehensible enough for some of you to reconsider your political affiliations I don’t know what will. 

Women of color (of all religious traditions) and their allies may very well be the ones to lead this country out of darkness away from wickedness, wherever it comes from, up to and including themselves. Our survival depends on it. 

Might I also add that I think sooooo many people will be getting the shock of their lives if they’re around when Jesus comes back and he doesn’t look or act like they’ve imagined. Especially if we find out our entire concept of Jesus was wrong (like there being no Jesus since everyone doesn’t follow that tenet) and Heaven and Hell has been right here on Earth this entire time and we messed it up!

**For those that don’t ascribe to this line of thinking or utilize it in different forms please feel free to share your own stories or alternate philosophies. This is my perspective but not the only one.

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