Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to Destiny

The long arduous journey is coming to its inevitable end. We will elect a new President on Tuesday. Then a new journey begins. We will not allow ourselves to fall into a comfortable stupor. We will not allow fear to be our primary motivator for we've been scared out of our wits enough! We still have many rivers to cross. We didn't need perfect harmony to come together at this time and we won't need it to continue what we've started. Many of us have invested a lot of time and effort into various candidates. 

One candidate appears to be willing to bring people into the fold. Another seems to be less inclusive. We know from previous administrations that not all campaign promises can be kept. We are also much more invested and have increased our political savvy. I know I used to see elected officials in terms of a hierarchy. Then I got an inkling of how corrupt gov't can be when it is run by people who support interests that run against the needs of the people. 

I've felt helpless to do anything as I thought of myself as one pebble in an ocean. Then something amazing happened this year: one became three, three became ten, ten became hundreds, then thousands and now millions. The key will be to maintain that proactive consensus after it no longer becomes popular and after some start to feel safer and more comfortable again. We must never return to apathy. 

I am hoping for an Obama total blow-out that will leave all the know-nothing pundits with their jaws on the floor, sputtering to make sense of 'how it happened'. Though I bet Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow might offer a smile. 

Should the unspeakable occur all will not be lost!! The Democrats will surely have gained enough Senate and House seats to not allow further Republican railroading. We will be galvanized to fight to derail every bad piece of legislation the McCain/Palin ticket tries to push. We will roar like lions and we will win. The McCain presidency will be an embattled one and as those supporters are abandoned one by one for special interests that ignore them they will join the ranks of those that knew better to sink the Republicans once and for all. Then it's on to 1012.  

Alas, I am hoping for a less volatile scenario where we have an Obama administration that results in a golden age for US politics.  Where we fight to put ourselves and our country back on track. Where even all the naysayers come around eventually. And we can be at peace. Ok, that was a wee bit sappy :). The US has to stop colonizing and meddling in developing nations, but that's all on us, the voter. 


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

very nice post and I like your video choice.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Thanks!! Love U2!!!! A Beautiful Day has such good energy.