Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kamala Harris Wants to be D.A. of California

San Franciso District Attorney Kamala Harris announced her plans to run for Attorney General for the State in 2010. That is if the current AG Jerry Brown runs for Governor (again). If Sen. Dianne Feinstein doesn't run. If this sounds like musical chairs it is. These politicians don't ever want to leave office do they? Poor Gavin, he doesn't stand a chance especially after the fiasco of Proposition 8. He'll still be pretty though. Very pretty. 

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about Ms. Harris. Her approach to law enforcement and prosecution has been very nuanced instead of being a "lock them up" sheriff. She also the first Black woman to serve as D.A. in San Francisco. We have a lady D.A., Fire Chief and Police Chief. We're kinda weird here, huh? Actually Kamala is half Indian and I'm not sure how she identifies herself, though it's usually reported as 'just' Black, but we like to embrace all parts of our heritages here on this blog. Either way she is an interesting woman and I look forward to seeing how she charts her political course. She was also a National Chair on the Obama campaign. I really like the fact that he is not at all intimidated by smart and powerful women. Whatever office she seeks after her current term ends I am certain she will play an effective role of leadership while holding it.

photo credit Kamala Harris
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