Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They All Feel Safe To Come Out Now

Yeah, I know it's a new day and all and we're going to come together and be one. I also know that as I'm breathing this air certain Rethug pundits are regrouping for their next coordinated attack. But we see you!! Now there's a lot of Black people that were and will continue toting water for their masters or just not have a vision for a brighter future that can obtained with hard work, focus and unity. It's time to get with the program

Everybody did not jump on the Civil Rights bandwagon despite best wishes for revisionist history. That didn't stop them from 'milking' it after the fact, though. Be you an elder, a senior member of a political administration or my local mail carrier it's time to step up to the plate. This is not about blind support, but about elevating each other to fulfill greatness and holding each other accountable. I know some may be offended but if we don't do it then who will?

There's this amazing post by Christian Progressive Liberal over at Jack & Jill Politics that I thought summed it up best.

Condoleeza Rice 

Thanks Condi for your grand gesture. You're still a war criminal! May you forever be held accountable for shoe shopping while the 'undesirables' were dying in NOLA.


Maya Angelou

Thanks for finally believing. Where were you when your good friends were race-baiting and making light of political assassinations?  


It's Two-Fer. Dumb and Dumber are still trying to stay relevant. Harold Ford, Jr. wishes he was Obama and spent the past year trashing him every chance he got. Tavis Smiley is still stuck in the Civil Rights Industrial Complex (CRIC) mode thinking he was going to be KING-maker. Barf!


Note to Tara Wall, Juan Williams (he slipped up a bit last night and was actually reasonable), Amy Holmes and all you professional Black contrarians, who think you're going to ride the gravy train joining the Rethug pile-on to tear down an Obama administration......think again!!! 

As for you John McCain, your concession was nice. Too bad you didn't run your campaign with any class. No cookie for you!


blueberrybacon said...

Nice summary, think you were a little tough on Maya though.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Welcome BB:

Hence the caveat, but Dr. Angelou didn't say anything when it really counted! Hillary had to be PUSHED off the stage and she went too far.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I watched O'Reilly interview Carl Rove tonight to see what he had to say, and am waiting for Hannity next. No, I don't like them, I despise them, but it's important to know what the enemy is thinking.

Anyway, O'Reilly was still trying to stir the pot of hate. Interestingly, Rove was looking at him at one point, and I had the sense he was thinking, "this man is a racist and an idiot." We know Rove is one of Bush's brains, but he's also a cat with 9 lives who lands on his feet. He's been very affable lately, no doubt to influence the Barack Administration.

Some other bimbo blonde on Fox was trying to have a discussion of how they can plan for 2012.

Evil never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

on the real im still not an obama supporter but as a patriot will support him as president. yes he did!!!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Kit - We know they're gonna try but we got a can whoop ass ready for them!

BlkBandit - Welcome to the blog and please stop by again. Did you really think McCain would've done a better job running this country?