Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who Knew That Blogger Could Be Used As A Slur?

I tried to give Sarah Palin the benefit of the doubt. You know all those leaks of her ever growing list of foolishness came from her friends in the McCain camp. Yet time and time again the hockey mom from the tundra keeps showing us her ever growing sense of entitlement, lack of humility and foot in mouth disease. If the rumors prove to be true that she's getting a talk show she can kiss her political career goodbye. If I want a daily dose of dysfunction I can watch Jerry Springer. She really needs to get the hook right now or a tap on the shoulder that her 15 minutes are up! 

So now she says we bloggers live in our mom's basement and make stuff up. Oh really, Sarah? Why is it that some women cannot manage leadership positions and overcompensate by being completely unbearable? Let me tell you, I wish my mother owned a house in San Francisco. She raised six children. We probably would've lived between the Fillmore and Upper Haight. It would have appreciated in value by about 400% and I'd happily renovate a basement for that!'s the cable news pundit who's quickly becoming my fave displaying a wicked sense of humor in tribute to all us....bloggers

h/t Think Progress 

Side note: I know she's on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today but I'm on West Coast time. Also she said some really obnoxious things about our President-Elect's parenting skills. You would be highly unlikely to see Sasha or Malia as unmarried pregnant teens. This woman will say anything to stay in the spotlight and I will not give her any more press.
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