Monday, November 3, 2008

How Can I Be Stuck With Jury Duty?

So I have been called to perform my civic duty and am awaiting in a packed room at the SF Courthouse. It only took 7 years! I know people who've been called 2-3 times already. Can you believe one of my former bosses is here? I know because her name was just called and I had to take a peek to see if it was her. Sure enough it was. I hope she voted already! I have no cell service but there's free wireless. I'm hoping for a dismissal. Sorry but this is not the week! 

I suppose the world doesn't stop because we have the most important election in modern history but still. I did request an extension from July because I was....actually I don't remember why. I was just surprised I was contacted because the summons was sent to my post office box not my home address. Who knew the gov't kept such stringent tabs on its citizens. Ha! I kid. I kid. With wiretapping and satellites and being able to retrieve all deleted contents from computer hard drives there is nothing they can't do. Except run an efficient operation. 

It's November and finally feels like Fall. It's dark outside earlier now and has finally started to rain. California is in drought mode. It was in the 80's less than two weeks ago. Unseasonably warm for Northern Cali. Not anymore. I'm trying to decide what election watch party I want to attend or if I should just stay in. It might get a little bit hectic outside tomorrow night. There's new polling information indicating the South might rise again. Georgia is in serious play. Heavy Black turnout might put Obama over the top. I really hope that's the case. It's good for a candidate and their supporters to know who was in the tank for their campaign.

I have been calling friends and relatives back East to annoy them, er remind them to make sure they vote. Early. It's going to be a long day. After this one's in the bag we need a serious overhaul of our entire voting system. Voting should be a Federal holiday or be held on weekends. That 2 hours you might get from your employer (if you still have a job) ain't gonna cover this election. 

We know somebody's going to want to make it more difficult for another Obama to claw their way through by changing the goalposts. I'd also like some serious analysis of the Clinton involvement with the Obama campaign. I understand the long-standing rule is that their are no permanent enemies, but damn! They really did a number on Obama enough so that McCain could use Hillary in a robocall. Ambition does not equal fitness to run a country. Otherwise let's elect Madonna for President in 2016. She's fiscally responsible, disciplined and bold. If the Republicans even think about trying to prop up Sarah Palin (if she survives the wrath of her constituents and gets re-elected) the Democrats need their own star and it needs to be someone without the last name of Clinton. 


Miriam said...

"..there is nothing they can't do. Except run an efficient operation. .."


Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Miriam - you know it's the truth! No matter who's in office.