Sunday, November 9, 2008

While Prop 8 Rages On Racial Profiling Continues in Palo Alto

In case all you Obama stans thought it was going to be hug a Negro Day and an end to white guilt, the contrast could not be greater. While mostly white middle class people who identify as gay rage about the failure of their entitlement to Prop 8 for voting for Obama, Black and Latino men of all classes can't leave their houses for fear of being shot by the police. In case you hadn't heard the Palo Alto Police Chief issued a public notice of open season on them because of the increase in crime. This isn't Oppression Olympics, this is a matter of life and death. Now somebody please tell me why No on 8 should take precedence in the lives of PoC over everything else? 

See story on CBS5.

Update 11-11:

The Palo Alto City Council voted to condemn racial profiling on Monday evening. City Manager James Keene has hire/fire authority over Police Chief Lynne Johnson. He is not without controversy himself. He worked in the same capacity in Berkeley before going to Tucson, AZ and coming back to Northern California. He earns nearly $200K per year. He should be doing his job don't you think? 

I would absolutely advocate firing any Police Chief who's racism has been so blatant and long standing. There shouldn't be any question as to whether her judgement is compromised and how that poisons the entire well. There also needs to be a 'retraining' or more firings than one person. While he "evaluates" we can contact him (via link above) to let him know we will not tolerate men of color being treated like insurgents!

See latest developments on KTVU.
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