Friday, November 14, 2008

Republicans Ask: So Now What?

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Why is it that so many Black male Republicans who offer themselves up to the news media as the "voice of the party" are such tools? I know I could write something a little more nuanced with a social dissertation of how achievement and politics collide. But let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we? This isn't to say all Republicans of either gender are lacking in humanity. Or that those in the Democratic Party are so divine. It's just I always get that whiff of opportunistic sycophant when I have to listen to them. 

You know it's a flip side of the same coin. Black people trying to position themselves on the receiving end of political favor, but still not getting they need the power and a seat at the table. I think the Republicans are more delusional in that respect. They think by separating themselves and making themselves the "special pet Negro" to the Republican hierarchy they'll be considered equals. Can they really part of the club when they're working the pole as race dancers, blaming real systematic obstacles on the stated deficiency of the working class/lower class Black person to get ahead? 

Ward Connerly tries to do the dirty work (and get rich) for every child or follower of the Southern strategy creators by working on amendments repealing Affirmative Action laws that have merit. He gets the Slave Catcher title for the real acts of betrayal a few did to many to have a perceived gain of favor in the eyes of their Master. 

Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele wants to be (Head Negro in Charge) Chair of the Republican National Convention. Interesting. Allow me to roll my eyes heavenward. He gets to move from permanent Lawn Jockey status to the Big House, or so he hopes. After all, Condi Rice is still there and now that Colin Powell was put out on the porch for misbehaving, there's a empty spot available! In his current role as Chairman of GoPac, the training and recruiting arm of  the party (and creator of especially vicious attack ads against Obama during the General Election) it would seem a natural fit. 

It's just the Republican Party is being run by racists and religious zealots! They were decimated this election season and with good reason. What is that saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? The party has dominated for nearly 30 years since Reagan with an increasingly dogmatic approach to governance. They wrested away the keys to the kingdom, got bloated on power and self-destructed. Look at the economy and a host of other problems. They did everything they said they stood against. 

So now they might be willing to add a color commentary. Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh? Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's name is being floated around as a potential Presidential challenger to Obama in 2012. I have no idea if he'd be a formidable candidate or what qualifications he has (or doesn't). I'm inclined to think he should get everything he wants in order to run, though. I just wonder how well another brown-skinned man would perform in the red (historically slave-holding) states if they had such a problem with the one coming to the Oval Office. But he's not a bi-racial Kenyan so maybe they'd make him their exception.

It will be very interesting to see how the Republicans regroup and whether they learn anything. You can't just slap some paint on a pig and call it - wait - didn't they try that already? Perhaps the least tolerant amongst their shot-callers will have to recede in the background and let more sensible people emerge. That might bring back so many who ran away in disgust. Vengeance and intolerance isn't power. There is a class fight as well as one of ideology. 

I see more opportunities where more PoC can position themselves for parity and reciprocity, hopefully neutralizing these race hustlers. I am diametrically opposed to much of the Republican rhetoric, but this will keep the Democrats on their toes as well. 

No more taking voters for granted! A little upward mobility is a great thing. I know I read on certain blogs the opinion that Obama is a compromised politician who will (continue) to capitulate to white interests and I may have my questions to what extent, but with Republicans like these I already know it to be true! Right now we don't belong to them and they don't belong to us. Perhaps things will change in the immediate future.

This isn't Monopoly the game, it's real life.  

P.S. I'm adding this segment from last night's Hardball disagreement between Pat Buchanan and Strategist Mike Paul, who's trying to tell members of his party to get a clue. 

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