Monday, November 10, 2008

You Know Before We Go Off the Deep End Maybe We Should Take A Breath Or Two

It's so easy to feel antsy and worry about what the Obama administration will and will not mean for us. Will he pick too many former Clinton staffers? Will those that supported him early on have more access and drown out the voices of those that still haven't come around? How many people are still going to chanting "Yes We Can" one year from now? Is he qualified to fix the economy - or will it be a hastily slapped on bandage? Do those that occupy the Red States consider everybody else not really American? If Obama offered reparations would Blacks be ready to take advantage of the opportunity or waste it? Can we really come together even if we don't everything we want when we want it?

Well these are valid questions, but do we need answers right away? We don't have to take up arms and rage against the machine just yet. We can regroup but still be enthusiastic. We can meet up with like-minded individuals and decide on a course of action. We can take a breath and exhale S-L-O-W-L-Y cuz it's gonna be a long 8 years. 

I'm already feeling a bit wobbly wondering what the Rethug attack machine will do. How many professional Black contrarians will emerge to assist the mostly white media in diminishing and thwarting Obama's every move? I wonder if the working poor will get real relief for the first time in 30 years, cuz everyone isn't middle class and we're definitely not all wealthy. 

We can't invalidate one group of people's needs for the other. We also can't blame each other for not being willing to go farther or work harder than we care to for things that don't immediately interest us. We cannot get discouraged and be poised to throw in the towel. The man hasn't even taken office yet. We don't need to decide we see potential enemies in our midst. Instead we need to recognize all the potential allies that surround us. From the most pressing matters to the most lofty of goals we can continue to create opportunities of expression.

We've had music artists write great songs and utilized the internet and Web 2.0 in ways unlike any other campaign before. Let's continue to tap into resources and our creativity. The Office of the President-Elect has a great web site where we can make our voices heard. We won't be silenced either by interference or apathy again. We are not alone!

What do you want? What are you going to do to reach out to people to get it? Will you listen or lecture? Will you see a person or an obstacle? When we begin answering these questions and working on our own hearts and minds we can transform everyone else's by example. We can all have a seat at the table now. Let's be gracious and generous with one another, patient and considerate. Let's not implode upon ourselves or react harshly against each other. We are the ones we've been waiting for, remember?

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Ousizch said...

Today I just visit your blog...... and Only support the other blog with my directory. I'm sorry....cause I don't give a good comment for you.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hi Ousizch,

Thanks for stopping by. I just posted that was quick.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Nice post. I hope that between now and Inauguration, Barack will have his Cabinet in order and leave the worries to them while takes a few weeks for a restful vacation. I may slow down a bit myself; began my blog this past spring mainly because of the election.

With the economy worsening by the day, it's not a bad idea for folks to work a little extra. I heard today that a half million jobs are expected to be lost by Christmas. 2009 will be a $$$ monster for a lot of folks. I trust that Barack will do his absolute best to pull us through.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...


I'm sure people would LOVE to work a little extra esp those w/o jobs period. But this latest crap to come out on the economy is just ridiculous. See my next post.