Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black Women Coming Full Circle

Let's acknowledge the assistance and support Barack Obama has received from his staunchest allies: Black women. From his wife, to Oprah, to the Black vote which is 6 out of 10 Black women we came out when it counted. He made sure to thank Georgia resident Ann Cooper who at 106 cast a decisive ballot for him during his acceptance speech. Now of course many people have participated and worked together, but let's face it: Oprah stuck her neck out when she didn't have to. The demographics for her talk show are white women aged 55 and above. There was some backlash but it was overblown by the corporate media to tear her down. It didn't work though.

I am hard pressed to think of any high profile Black person be they politicians or entertainers that supported the Obama candidacy without reservation early on but Oprah. Her endorsement has been estimated to have netted him one million votes. That's nothing to take lightly and it made all the difference during the primary battle against the Clintons. 

I can say I was personally driven to take action beyond simply voting, hand-wringing and worrying. I had been prepared to support the eventual Democratic nominee but I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about it. I am really glad I got to vote for the candidate of my choice!! 

This by no means indicates a 100% universal support of Obama amongst Black people or the rest of the country. There are many people who will never be satisfied! This is a journey that will be certain to have bumps along the road. That's ok. I do hope some of the Cynthia McKinney agenda gets implemented into future gov't policies because despite whatever reservations some may have about her she does have our interests at heart. 

Here's the culmination of Oprah's dream:


Be sure the watch the full intro from her Election Special. Oprah is UNLEASHED! Did anybody record it? I need a copy stat!!!! If there was ever a time to offer videos for sale on ITunes it is now Miss Oprah.  

Update: Link to Interview with ABC's Robin Roberts. It was funny!

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