Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Must Listen When DBRs Like George Sodini Say They Want To Harm Women!

Since this PA shooting has been all over the news yesterday I had to sift through my immediate gut reaction. Which was to panic slightly. Analyzing this is like being a criminal profiler where you have to place yourself in the mind of a depraved male. Yes, the alleged murderer was white as well as the three women who were killed.  Nine other people were seriously hurt before he turned the gun on himself. Our discussions about DBR (damaged beyond recognition) behavior has largely focused on black men because we're trying to warn as many unsuspecting black women as possible, but George Sodini was just as misogynistic on top of being racist. The only thing that separates him from these DBR bm is that his target was white women. He'd indicated he was ready to Set It Off for quite some time. There's more men like him with a list of "grievances" and more violence to come. Is anybody listening?

The corporate media wants to be swift in labeling him mentally disturbed to reassure the public (and other whites) that he was an aberration not the norm. So white people can go back to feeling safe while telling themselves they're not racist. The fact of the matter is Sodini hated women period. He specifically mentioned black male/white women pairings as the object of his derision. When you come across as angry and anti-social you're not going to attract a mate! Which is why he had problems forming romantic relationships with women. 

I highlighted a video from a dating reality tv show earlier this week. The guy featured had difficulty forming normative bonds with women as well. Only he's a millionaire so he went to a dating service. This show regularly features (mostly white) men with serious issues of objectifying women, seeking out women with little life experience so they can dominate them as well as rotating a steady roster of women to have sex with. They think they're normal - and special because they have money. They are advised to change their behavior to find lasting love but they are highly resistant to do so. Isn't insanity doing the same things repeatedly hoping for a different outcome?

Sodini also took issue with having Obama as president because he's black. Big surprise. We saw during the primary and general election the extent of discomfort whites felt at what they saw as a New World Order where they were not dominating. Remember Ashley Todd? These tea-baggers and birthers are just continuing where they left off. The fact they're given free reign by the corporate media to spew their hate and lies across all platforms also shows us how well-supported they are. Well all you whites need not worry - you're still in charge. Obama has done everything to reassure you he's "safe" other than resign. Some people can be sooo dense!!! Chill out.
Here's one really interesting entry to Sodini's blog dated December 30th of last year (which has subsequently been pulled) on the ABC web site:

While driving I radio surfed a talk show. The caller was a 30ish black man who was describing the despair in certain black communities. According to him life is cheap there because you are going to die anyway when you get old. It is the quality of life that is important, he said. If you know the past 40 years were crappy, why live another 30 crappy years then die? His point was they engage in dangerous behavior that tends to shorten the lifespans, to die now and avoid the next crappy 30 years, using my example. The host got sarcastic and ended the call instead of trying to understand his point. I put music back on. But it was an interesting, and useful point for me to hear. 
When we had these blog discussions last month about how these DBRs reveal themselves so readily how many people actually took that statement to heart? There's a big wall of resistance, excuses and denial. Well my father/brother/neighbor/cousin isn't like that I don't know what you're talking about!! I discussed how some seemingly educated, socially-mobile, seemingly normal black men have such contempt for black women and feel free to express it. So if the bougie set is like this how bad do you think the underclass is? I also focused on the abandonment issues and how women need to figure out how to choose a better mate and expand their options.  We see the aftermath of fatherless children aging to adulthood. We see how those who have been hardened also have zero value for human life. They behave in more savage and depraved ways at earlier ages than ever. Hence a situation with four boys under the age of 15 kidnapping and gang raping a young girl in Arizona. Hence Dunbar Village and other atrocities that are still to come out of these crumbling black residential areas. 

We also mentioned how increasingly more black women are displaying these DBR tendencies as well. We need to explore that in more depth. Still, women are not the majority threat! This is just the deterioration setting in across the board as the entire "black community" as it was once known collapses. We have not discussed how you can go to YouTube right now and find numerous black men - who like George Sodini - are making videos or writing blog posts talking about how they want to maim and kill black women. I'm not linking to them. Some of these sociopaths have already struck. Law enforcement is a little too lead-footed for my taste in taking these threats seriously. We need to take action. If someone had paid attention to Sodini's threats maybe the lives of the those people at the gym could have been spared. 

Let's report these would-be criminals before it's too late and make sure the police do something about it!

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Khadija said...


Well, first things first:

I believe that every woman blog host and YouTuber needs to take security issues seriously. I remember reading a news story a while back about how women blog hosts across the board (and no matter how innocuous their subject matter) are so much more likely to be blog stalked and harassed by male readers.

Meanwhile, so many women (especially AA women) have been programmed to nervously laugh off male acts of aggression.

For example, I'm thinking of a disgruntled BF reader at my blog who was angry when I made a comment about this a while back. She characterized my comments as paranoid; and defiantly stated that she was not going to "live in fear," etc. In other words, she was not going to take online security issues seriously, nor was she going to take DBR-Black male commenters' online aggression seriously.

She took this posture even though the hate comments from DBRBM had driven her off her own blog! Even though she shut down her own blog due to BM harassment, she ANGRILY ran to another BW's blog to badmouth me because I talked about security issues. The mind boggles.

All of this was before a young Black woman named Asia McGowan was murdered by a DBRBM who was spewing hatred toward BW on YouTube. He was spewing hatred in response to her innocuous YouTube videos. [Incidentally, there's a BM website that hails this killer as a hero. I'm not going to name it. I don't give publicity to racist/violent/sexist sites.]

In any event, I strongly urge all women blog hosts to:

(1) Keep track of the trolls' IP addresses and geographical locations;

(2) Maintain a log of print outs of the trolls' comments (whether you publish them on your blog or not---you need to keep a file on these nuts);

(3) And most importantly, be prepared to call your local FBI field office, local law enforcement, and local law enforcement in the troll's jurisdiction THE MOMENT the troll submits a comment that you feel is in any way threatening!

In terms of this latest DBR-killer, it just goes to show that despite the seeming differences between various types of nuts (racists, DBRBM, sexists, religious fanatics, etc.), what they ALL have in common is that they HATE women.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Khadija: I have an email folder titled "Potential Police Action" because around the time of our posts about those Princeton sexist/racists who'd targeted Dr. Pierce were published I got a lot of troll activity. It was why I had to install the counters to track IP addresses in the first place as I hadn't done so until then.

We DO need to take security very seriously.

I saw a man I'd not seen walking back and forth a street corner yesterday and was going to call the police until I realized he was on a cell phone and doing some work in a nearby building. I'd rather err on the side of caution than allow an avoidable tragedy.

Nia said...

Thank you for this. I remember reading once that a very important criteria that (heterosexual) women should look for in a mate is one who is basically happy and satisfied with his job, his career and his life in general. It sounds very obvious but frequently we will date people who, although they are basically nice and decent will express complete dissatisfaction with their jobs and careers, and are just very miserable with life in general. At the very least you should look for someone who is optimistic about his future prospects.

bwdb said...

Sad to say there are quite a few "anti-woman" sites which foster these attitudes...Nia offers wonderful advice...If there is that something with Mr Mann that is a source of contention, keep those eyes and ears open...Not only that be prepared to fully remove yourself from the situation...

I wonder if George Sodoni cased this facility in the past or if there were any outward warning signs...

Leaving the Sprint store yesterday, I had a BM come up behind me wanting to "talk"...I spun around and glared at him like a mad woman as a result of my personal space being invaded...So this male remarks "Why are you looking at me like I'm some criminal?"...To which I replied "You approached me from behind way too quickly"...Anywhoooo my body language and demeanor let him know in no uncertain terms that I wasn't having it...

Ladies...Watch your "personal space"...Be aware of your surroundings...If something does not seem right for any reason, make an exit...

bwdb said...

Oh yeah...BTW...

I do log harasser/troll IP addresses...May I offer a link for reference?

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Nia: Thanks for stopping by

CW: Thanks for the tips