Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aisha Tyler Comedy: No A** At All

She filmed this in February for her performance at the Fillmore San Francisco that aired on Comedy Central. It was a response to songs like Baby Got Back but one segment reminded me of some nonsense many of us are familiar with. The accusation that our speech pattern is "talking white". I've always liked Tyler because she's educated, beautiful and funny without doing anything that degrades other black women. 

Also she didn't wait to be appreciated and married interracially - something many of us can learn from. I don't think I'm making an assumption regarding that as she has mentioned in previous interviews how she was harassed on the street by black men who saw her out with her husband when they lived in Oakland. It precipitated a move to Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to her having a late night show of her own (hint, hint Hollywood)!!! I think it's time for a letter writing campaign.

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SouthlandDiva said...

Saw the show, it was totally hilarious! I appreciate that she tells funny stories rather than using crass or profane language in lieu of actual humor.


Jungle Julia said...

Oh wow, I was completely unaware of this woman! I would really like to check out her show.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Southland Diva: She is very funny and I'd love to see her helm her own late night show.

Jungle Julia: Where have you been? Well her profile isn't as high as it should be. If she was being degrading you would've found out about her sooner. She used to host Talk Soup and was the "sidekick" on the first season of Ghost Whisperer amongst other things.