Saturday, August 8, 2009

Check Out Beautiful Black Woman Blog

Thanks to CW, blog host of Black Women Deserve Better linking to Clutch (which I do read) I saw an entry from this blog. I just spent the better part of an hour perusing through photos of black women from around the world gathered by a designer from Sweden. I also notice he posted a photo of himself and he's quite cute as well! Anyone in Sweden can look him up, lol. 

Anyway I think all women need a bit of pampering and a pick me up from time to time and it seems this blog has nothing but admiration for us so I thought I'd give Andreas a shout out from the US. It does remind me of the time I lived in the UK and felt as if I had stepped into another world. I felt a 300lb weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

There were a few things going on so let me give a brief background. As an American I noticed the huge cultural difference between black Britons and African-Americans. We have the soul food, gospel music and specific traditions.  There were a lot of interracial pairings but I hadn't analyzed the makeup of the couples when there were so many other things going on with living in a foreign country. Now I realize domestically there are a majority black male pairings with white women like in the US.

The difference I noticed was the lack of trepidation of black women pairing with non-black men. No drama. No fuss. I also noticed the open admiration that white men have for black women there. Of course attraction is one thing and seeking a man of caliber requires a different set of priorities, but the main impetus I felt was the appreciation for the special qualities that we possess. Irish and Australian men - or at least the ones I met - were especially enthralled. 

I felt it took me three months of picking up my jaw off the floor to settle into a comfort zone with meeting white men who'd approach you, buy you drinks, ask you out and tell you how beautiful they thought you were. Like any other woman. No guilt!! Being American also brought out some of the appeal. I really do think so many of us have trepidation about dating interracially that we unnecessarily limit ourselves. Now I had dated men from various backgrounds before but I wonder if the negative propaganda machine has stymied people in the US from relaxing into things. The Free Your Mind events are a good start.

Anyway reading Andreas' blog brought back some fond memories and I'd like every women to experience being appreciated, admired and accepted just as she is.

Update: Ah how could I forget to add Gorgeous Black Women site as well. It's on my sidebar and that's run by a black woman for black women!!!

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