Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love In Black & White

Here's an interview with Former Secretary of State William Cohen & Journalist Janet Langhart Cohen being (somewhat annoyingly) interviewed by Matt Lauer. They're discussing the book about their dating and marriage to each other, Love In Black & White: A Memoir of Race, Religion and Romance. You'll hear about some of the old familiar arguments from Janet's dad about "hooking up with the oppressor" nonsense - meanwhile black men have had NO QUALMS WHATSOEVER about dating and mating with white women. That indoctrination tactic runs wide and deep, eh?

I am actually slightly more interested in her earlier memoir From Rage to Reason: My Life In Two Americas, but think both will provide some insight into the skills and perseverance that will benefit all women trying to achieve career success AND a fulfilling personal life.

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lisa99 said...

Lovely interview and story!

It's "funny" (not really) that Janet's dad was soooo against her marrying a white man and had something to say, but he didn't feel the need to be a part of her life when she was growing up. He found it more convenient to abandon the family and let her mother raise the children by herself.

But oh, now he wants to give his daughter some input when it came to marrying someone who would love and cherish her and NOT abandon her like he did to her mother.

Yeah, SMH.

I hope black women are paying attention to all of this!

Renee said...

thanks so much for posting that video, I had not seen it. As a Black woman happily unmarried to a White man this story is of particular interest to me. I think that race always has to be negotiated in an inter racial relationship but if both parties love each other race need not be an insurmountable obstacle.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

lisa99: Some people were discussing them on Twitter last night and I thought this would be a good video for people (i.e. BLACK WOMEN) to see!!

Renee: Your welcome! You have your love, your kids, are cared for well and live your life on your terms. That's what every black woman should have.

geekgrl said...

I love her comment about whether she was voting her race or her gender. “No, I’m voting my interests”. Brava!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Geekgrl: Welcome! Yes Ms. Janet is a very smart woman. We should all follow her example of looking out for their best interests!!