Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lateisha Green Post-Conviction Update & Essence Interview

I have some good news to share for those interested in justice across the board. The now-convicted murderer Dwight DeLee has been sentenced 25-years to life for killing Lateisha Green. Ms. Green was a lovely trangender woman who was brutally murdered by DeLee for no reason other than her gender identity which I've discussed in this post.

While this won't bring her back at least her family can take some comfort (I hope) knowing consequences have been meted out. As someone who has experienced the murder of a beloved innocent sibling by a DBR (damaged beyond recognition) black male I wish that one chapter would be closed. If there can be no justice in this life I trust there will be some in the afterlife. See the great post that blog host Monica wrote up at Transgriot.

One other interesting development is how MESSence, er Essence magazine interviewed Lateisha's mother Roxanne Green and published it on their web portal. I think they are desperately trying to combat the negative publicity and ridicule they justifiably received after a) telling black women they were low value, desperate and should take whatever they can get by b) dating black men (not suggesting they seek out a man of caliber of any race/ethnicity) WHO FREQUENTS STRIP CLUBS. I for one was very glad my subscription had lapsed and I missed that month of debasement for I most certainly would have cancelled it after being so insulted.

Anyhoo, not to detract from this one incident of decency I still cannot in good conscience recommend any black woman who values herself to ever read MESSence again but this is one interview. You can decide for yourself about that. This is good exposure to an audience of "conservative black church-going black community" loving women though. I wonder how well they'll respond to this seeing how the strip club recommendation went over many heads.
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Anonymous said...

so much Hate, It is so sad that trans people can't live safe lives. That they must always walk in the world in fear.

I'm sorry for your lost Faith

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Zindzhi: Trans women of color are at the highest risk for violence. I see (white) racism, racialized sexism (against black women), homophobia and transphobia as all part of the same bad coin.


A just verdict! Amen! As to Essence, I had a subscription for years until I realized that the magazine had not really held my attention since Ms. Taylor left. It became all gloss and no grit. It's sad when you can get more info from TeenVogue than a publication geared toward educated, adult women.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Bluebutterfly: Yes it was a just verdict:

Bill: Your comment was rejected for violating commenting terms. I could care less what your religious interpretations are. The fact of the matter is a human being who had done NO HARM was murdered because of the hate of another individual. If you know nothing about the case why comment at all. Lateisha's brother was nearly killed as well for defending his sister. Is that enough blood for you?!!