Saturday, August 1, 2009

Accepting Practical Advice Is Vital Even Though It May Hurt!

I was flipping through television earlier and came across the Bravo reality show Tabatha's Salon Makeover. Wow! I'm looking for actual excerpts from this show because it contains vital, useful and practical information. The premise is this successful salon owner and host (Tabatha Coffey) takes control of a struggling salon for one week and does a complete overhaul of management and staff. Aside from her physical resemblance to Annie Lennox and accent to match (she might be Australian though I'll have to check), Tabatha is a no nonsense reality-checker. 

What I find interesting is how resistant to change so many people are to fixing the things that don't work for them: bad habits, incompetent staff, not being goal oriented, etc. They are getting FREE business advice from a successful person they can easily transfer to their personal lives and the people are usually sullen, uncooperative or argumentative. The common complaint is how tough she is and I noticed how easily some of the women resort to using the "b" word to describe her. She's not loud, rude or obnoxious with anyone. She is just not going to entertain their fantasies and mediocrity. I loved it! I highly recommend this show. I'm having a laugh with myself how easy it becomes spotting excellence in others and why it's important to align ourselves with WINNERS. Their achievements can serve as an impetus and the value of their guidance (if offered) is immeasurable. 

So someone mislabeled a clip they downloaded to Youtube which is how I found this interview with actress Jane Seymour who at 57 looks amazing! She discusses how eating and exercise habits have added longevity and vitality to her life. It's just 4 minutes so enjoy. If anyone can provide a link to Tabatha's show please add it in the comment section.

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