Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at Bush. We Wish It Had Been Us!

It was in a fit of disgust which can only be described as something many of us wish we had the opportunity to do first! 

Reporter Muntadar al-Zaidi was seated at a press conference for Shrub's farewell to Iraq tour. Bush wanted to spread more propaganda (lies) about what a great job Brownie, er the US had done. Never mind all those millions of civilian deaths and injuries. Forget about the oil - that's been stolen and sold off to multi-national corporations. Forget about the trial with the Blackwater mercenaries (paramilitary shadow ops) running around unchecked and with lots of weapons. They've only been arrested and haven't been found guilty yet. Bush will probably pardon them and they'll never see the inside of a cell. Mr. al-Zaidi must have been temporarily insane, right? Or was it a moment of clarity where he seized the moment to let Bush know we know he's full of it! This is the end indeed. See how co-opted the US media is?

AP photo via Gothamist
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Get Togetha said...

My husband and I couldn't stop rewinding this vid over and over again. Did you see the passion in this man's face as he was throwing his shoe?

Dubya. What a way to go out.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hi Get Togetha: Dude was SERIOUS. He said, "This is the end."

Miriam said...

what a way to go. SMH