Monday, December 29, 2008

Kwanzaa Day 4: Ujamaa

Today signifies the practice of Kwanzaa Principle four: Ujamaa - Cooperative Economics

The goal is to build Black owned and operated businesses. They have to be supported by patrons to survive and thrive. I already did a post on the Ebony Experiment but it deserves another mention. During 2009 we will be closely monitoring how the Andersons are able to best implement their focused distribution of resources and financial support. 
The Ebony Experiment Group, LLC, was created by John C. and Maggie Anderson of Oak Park, Ill., and is a community service oriented project that is seeking sponsors to support the experiment and maintain the website. The purpose of The Ebony Experiment is to infuse long-term wealth into the Black community by galvanizing and uniting Black consumers, investors, businesses and professionals.
What are ways we can encourage more people to be business owners? It is small businesses that actually employ the bulk of the people in this country. Hard to believe, huh? Not everyone wants - or has equal access to - a corporate gig or union.

Renaissance Entrepeneurship Center - this is based in San Francisco but you can research your local version  

Courses in how to own and operate a small business - at your local community college

Look into areas where Federal economic redevelopment funds are being considered - and if it's not in your area - move!

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