Friday, December 12, 2008

No Gov't Care & Feeding Of Its Citizens

It's a Capitol Meltdown Coast to Coast! 

You know I'm getting sick of all this media attention on the juvenile antics of the Serbian Governator. He's corrupt! Get over it and get rid of him already. You know he's not going to voluntarily step down when that's his main base of power - and cover. He might be arrogant and a little gangsta but he ain't that stupid! President-Elect Obama stayed far away - as did apparently most of the elected officials in IL who wanted to dodge mud and poo. Nice try corporate media and thanks for continuing to sleep on Bush's final F-U to the American people like allowing concealed weapons in national parks or rolling back environmental protections. Of course let's not forget about his threat of martial law and subsequent parting gift: $900B and counting to the "Wall Street Elite/Crooked Class of 2008" with no questions asked. Now can we PLEASE move on!

The $14B bailout requested by the titans of the auto industry failed to pass the Senate 52-35 thanks to the Republicans! They want to whittle away pensions, health benefits and paid leave so the UAW members earn similar (MUCH LESS) benefits than the foreign-based auto employees. The UAW has drawn its line in the sand. They may end up on the unemployment line though. Apparently this is the new (but old depending on who's history you recall) American way! Bust all unions until there's nothing left so a few people can become even richer off the backs of workers. Of course they had no problem building wealth with forced enslavement and breeding before so I guess this is just a  minor screw-over. Gee thanks!

*Might I add these politicians have not given up THEIR health benefits or paid time off.

Rounding this Oh-So-Fun-To-Watch-A-Politician-Not-Give-A-Damn-Day, we tour the lovely halls of (in)justice in Sacramento, where the CA state budget deficit has nearly doubled to just shy of $14B. Ah-nold reminds us every day this is what happens when you hire an action star to pretend to be a politician away from the movie set when you can't say, "Cut!" No budget has been passed - and surprise surprise - it's the Republicans mucking it up here as well. In case anyone thinks I'm being unfair and biased against the Rethugs I'd like to remind you they held a special election that cost $30M+ to oust Grey Davis when he was trying to get back the millions that Bush proxy company Enron had stolen from electric customers and caused fake rolling blackouts. When your bill jumps from $60 to $500 from one month to the next with no change in usage you are being robbed! I'm trying to spruce up my employment skill set but still can't register for Spring Semester because my school has suspended enrollment. 

New Rule: 

I mean it only seems fair that they should suffer a little inconvenience when millions are in REAL AGONY! Can somebody explain to me why we're living the title of a Chinua Achebe novel? I know there's a lesson that needs to be learned but this is very disconcerting. What do you think? 

Update 12/19: So Bush has decided to throw the US Automakers a bone. It comes with lots of strings attached and demands the reduction of pay and benefits of the UAW to those of the foreign automakers. Now how are they supposed to do that? Cut off the pensions of the retirees? Cut out their health insurance? This is how the gov't busts a union while claiming to help. It seems this was the plan all along.

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