Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woman Run Over By Two Drivers Dies

Accidents happen, but two hit and runs in a row is insane! This is why everyone with a driver's license should be required to re-take the written test and the road test every two years. People are talking on phones, sending text messages, eating, putting on makeup and doing everything but driving and being fully focused on the road. (I know the handsfree laws are in effect - but where was the common sense in allowing it in the first place?)

Not to mention how many people are driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Or driving cars that they cannot maneuver well - I'm talking about women in big cars, trucks and SUVs. It's a particular pet peeve of mine for these drivers in CA.  I can't forget to add driving too fast.

Cyclist Laura Casey died Saturday in Richmond after being hit by two cars where both drivers stopped and took off. Neither of them had bothered to get out of their cars to check to see if there was a person injured. Residents were trying to assist Ms. Casey after the first car departed when the second one hit before they could reach her. Her sister made an appeal on television for the drivers to come forward and said she was certain it must have been an accident. Ha! Well the first driver - who it seems knocked Ms. Casey off her bike turned herself in to the police earlier this evening. The second driver - who actually ran over Ms. Casey is still hiding out. 

As someone who has almost been hit numerous times by drivers who try to bypass buses to go over crosswalks when the pedestrian has the right of way, or speed through the yellow light when you're supposed to yield or drivers who refuse to come to a complete stop at the curb it is hard for me to have a whole lot of sympathy for them. 

I was about 5 inches from being hit by a guy who tried to do an illegal turn into an alley on my way to a concert last month. He literally came out of nowhere and I had no time to react. If he hadn't hit the brakes I might not be here right now writing this. Yes I cussed him out, too! 

San Francisco has a particularly high pedestrian injury record with reckless drivers. I know people make mistakes...but I see far too many irresponsible drivers who should be charged with a fine the equivalent of a moving violation in order to get them to be more careful in the future!

I know the young woman who turned herself in will have to live with wondering if she had checked more thoroughly whether Ms. Casey would still be alive. I hope this motivates law enforcement and communities to take a more proactive stance in monitoring multi-lane roads better.

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