Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Kind of Dance Will Blago Do in the Pokey?

(L-R) Barack Obama (Scott Olson/Getty Images); Rod Blagojevich (Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

Remember the childhood party song Hokey Pokey? You put your left leg in and your left leg out, put your left leg in and shake it about? It really makes no sense except to a 5-year old. Neither does a sitting Governor calling the President-Elect an expletive while complaining he wants the equivalent of a bribe while he knows he's under a federal investigation. This is beyond stupid, more than OJ stupid. Especially considering his predecessor is in prison right now for similar corruption charges. 

Oh and the previous one had to leave office too. Apparently the occupants of the Governorship of Illinois belong on Jerry Springer. Corruption and lies and scandals oh my! Of course he was only arrested and released. He's back on the job and hasn't been prosecuted. Yet. 

Now I don't get how Obama gets dragged into this while the buzzards and vulchers flying above have given Bush and his motley band of war mongerers and thieves a pass. Despite rumors of any wrong-doing Jesse Jackson Jr. says he's not the one who offered Blagojevich the much-discussed financial incentive to be appointed the empty Senate seat. Hmmm the plot thickens! It seems like a miracle if you get elected to office and do anything productive or actually help people while operating in a cesspool of evildoers.

photo courtesy of AP
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