Sunday, December 28, 2008

Separated At Birth?

Do you think these women look similar? One is a famous British actress. The other is the socialite and mother of an international music star. When I first saw a photo of Isabel Preysler I thought she was Thandie Newton's mum not Enrique Iglesias'. She is tres chic!


credit: WireImage

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aann4950 said...

They are both "light". Although, Thandie's father is white she still bleaches her skin. I have seen too many pictures and movies of her much darker than the above photo. To each their own. I have no idea who the woman in the top picture is.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hello aan4950: Well I don't know about the skin bleaching because lighting can also change the appearance of skin tone in photographs. Isabel Preysler is Filipina. I just happen to think they look more similar than their actual biological relatives. This also proves yet again that racial categorizations are a social construct. Many people could be many things if phenotype is given certain weight.