Monday, December 8, 2008

Pownce Is Dead Long Live Kwippy

I know some people are still figuring out how to use Twitter but now that Pownce is kaput the next great Web 2.0 feature for micro-blogging will be (according to its developers) KWIPPY. What the heck is a Kwippy? Well, it's like Twitter but it uses instant messaging instead and there's no character limitation. Of course there's software to override the 140 Tweet max but that defeats the purpose you know. 

The next trend in Web 2.0 will be focusing on internet users with no laptop or desktop who primarily use their phones' data plans to surf the 'net. I do all three because sometimes the page load time is brutal. As great a campaign Obama ran with regards to the internets, quite a few more people could have been reached if there were enough platforms that spoke to those who are saavy but don't fit the profile. We can't all buy Apple gear and be geek cool.  Now if I can find a program that does instant translations combined with messaging they'd make billions. Just in case any developers are reading this I expect my 10%, lol! 

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