Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Will Our First Lady Wear to the Ball?

The design world is all aflutter over the coronation of its King & Queen & Princesses also known as Swearing In Ceremony. Then it's on to the real showstopper - the Inaugural Ball. The 'official' one that most of us will be reading about the next day but lots of other people will be throwing 'lesser' parties as well. If there was ever a time to be in the know this would've been the moment to cash in your chips. When has there ever been so much interest?

By the way Lady O is going to be in D.C. for an entire week taping episodes of her show. Ticket info will be released next week. This is the time to not just to get your party on but I'd be networking like crazy and trying to secure employment because everyone who's anyone will be there. 

Mr. O can easily get by in a tux (but I hope he mixes it up) and the dimple darlings will be certain to look cute. It's Mrs. O who will be heavily scrutinized and skewered if she strays too far off the safe path like she did for Election Night. No worries though. She'll look ravishing dahlings. 

Women's Wear Daily discusses the designers who've submitted sketches for the Obama's (and ours) consideration. Famous names like Rodarte, de la Renta and Reese are hoping to be the chosen one this go-around. Not to worry though - they've got at least 4 years and lots and lots of events to design for. I'm going to post a few below and you can go back to the site for the complete list. Now because Mrs. O likes to throw a few curve balls she might go with a newer designer like she did for the Barbara Walters' Special when she chose Jason Wu.

Mirroring that sentiment:
"This isn't a fashion decision to take lightly", says Bridget Foley, executive editor of W magazine and Women's Wear Daily, recommending Obama try on many looks before making her final choice.

"The dress will live in perpetuity and it will go into the Smithsonian," Foley says.

"I'd like to see Michelle Obama take the elegant route — and push it," she adds. "There are so many wonderful clothes out there but so often people in the public arena think they have to play it safe. I think she should really look around and try something long and curvy — with color. That would work."
I've kinda fallen out of the high fashion loop in the past couple of years. I think living in San Francisco has been horrible for my sense of fashion because it's either hippie or hoochie depending on which crowd you go for. The weather here has three steps: pre/during/post fog so I wear jeans and sensible shoes a lot. It's more functional than frivolous. Trust me you don't want to be in 'car' shoes trying to walk up a hill with a 60 degree incline or some cute frilly top when the temperature goes from 70 to 50 in a matter of hours. I still love accessories and bags though. 

When I was younger - and lived in New York City I don't even think I owned a pair of jeans. I was like a living Jackson Pollack painting, mixing vintage with thrift shop, crazy shoes, different textures, hats and wackiness. I had to be completely original and with just the right amount of attitude it got me access to clubs and meeting all sorts of interesting people. It's time for me to reclaim that and watching Michelle Obama get the white glove treatment is fun!

Designers by Order of Appearance:
de la Renta (just wanted to show something with Michelle and the weeMichelles)
DVF (this suit is fab-u-lous but not for the Ball I just had to add it though)
la Croix 

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