Wednesday, October 22, 2008

White People: You Need to Speak to Your Petulant Peers

Are you familiar with the amusement park ride that spins you around while pinned to a wall where the floor drops out? That's kinda how systematic racism works. Ok so imagine how we're stuck in this ride and dizzy from the after effects. Well somebody also owns the ride and someone else pulls the lever. 

Now bear with me here while I spin this tale into something that makes sense! Some people acknowledge they feel sick. Others pretend that nothing fazes them. Some people blame fellows riders for being sick and never want it mentioned. Some people will keep going back to that same ride even though it makes them ill time and time again. Some people figure out there's other rides in the amusement park rusting away from lack of use and with much smaller lines. 

So as we wind down this crazy carnival and traveling political caravan people are noticeably riled up or revved up depending on perspective and outlook. It's 13 days and counting. Some people are acting like fools. Fear is no excuse. Ignorance is no excuse. 

There are professional rabble-rousers (Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann) who may have a media platform or be an elected official  - it could be your next door neighbor. Haven't enough of 'you people' figured out by now that they make a living keeping you miserable and focused on the wrong people? Don't worry about James Harris - we took care of him. He scurried away like the cockroach he is. Now take care of your crazies!!

This is for the white people in the struggle: you need to come get your Aunt Helen, your grandma Sally, your brother-in-law Peter, Jim from around the block and the next idiot who'll certainly wind up on Youtube. They're making the rest of you look really ignorant. Nobody's taking anything from them but Wall Street, the gov't and those politicians they put in office. The milk has long since gone bad and it's stinking up the entire fridge. Throw it out! Buy a fresh carton. Try organic from that local farmer. 

Ok?! The show is over. The jig is up. If they really think things are bad now just wait until 1, 2, 5 years from now to see just how much worse it could be. When they find their Social Security has been traded and lost all its value. When their child has to go to Community College not out of choice but out of necessity. That is, if it still gets state and federal funding. How about when the transmission falls apart because their car fell into a pothole the size of a crater? We'll be 3 years into the war with Iran and Pakistan and gas has gone up to $8/gallon. Sounds fun, huh? Unfortunately, there's no alternate universe and no do-overs allowed. Hey, I don't advocate violence but sometimes when people are hysterical and not making sense a good slap across the face can restore their senses.  

Do your part and be a good American. Help them take their 'common sense' pills and reassure them despite the bitter taste they'll feel so much better afterwards.  

The election polls are tightening as expected. Just because some people decide to put on their worry caps or play keyboard analyst about what is being done wrong, doesn't mean we have to. The racially inflammatory speech and deeds are going to pick up, but let's not give it any unnecessary attention. You do you. Now is not the time to break out the champagne either. Since we know we have Candidate A or Candidate B and the swing states are all up for grabs now is the time to turn off the tv and put feet to the ground. Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire can all be had. Let's stick it to the naysayers and pundits with a nice big fat landslide! The price for our freedom requires constant diligence!!!

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Unknown said...

I wished someone said this 40 years ago (well actually Huey P Newton did)...

there was this poet who was on Def Poetry Jam that I got to meet. a cool cat who had a piece like this. he pointed out that the biggest crime white people can do is be silent about the racism their peers heap on others.