Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life's A Bitch And Then You Die

I used to think the philosophy behind that expression was so avant-garde and anti-establishment. I had no idea how easily it could apply to one's station in life. Now I am not trying to wallow, but I am angry and I need to vent. Yes I'd like to have a little less piss and vinegar and be a bit more Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm in attitude but sometimes being mad is all you have. Then you can take a course of action. 

Wall Street is going to get more of its thievery on and a get out of jail free card and not have to pay taxes and we get to feel special. They are just a bunch of crooks and liars who were trying to pull an Emperor With No Clothes scam. They got busted ass-out and demanded Bush bail them out. 

WAMU did not fail because of Latinos and reversing years of racial discrimination against Blacks did not cause the mortgage crisis. The so-called sub-prime loans were mostly underwritten by private loan companies not banks. Many people were told that was their only option for a mortgage and were charged 10-20-30% higher rates than what they actually qualified for. Why? So Wall Street could make a bigger profit. 

I live in San Francisco where the average price of a home is close to 1 million dollars. And not for something all that nice either. I always wonder who these people are that buy these properties and how they get their income. Depending on location it would be a mere 1BR condo at best and around 750 sq feet. That's not very big either. The price of housing is over-inflated as it is. There is not a loan in the world I'd be able to qualify for, sub-prime or not. I'd be paying nearly $5K per month for my mortgage, upkeep, taxes and utilities. Unless I made at least $250K, had been at that salary level for several years, had no debt and at least 50K saved I wouldn't even consider it. Don't let me be sick or lose my job either. Or have dependents.

I see the tax advantages of being married if only to have an additional income for consideration. For what I pay in rent I could have a mortgage - in another state. But I don't want to live in Georgia or Colorado or Indiana. No offense to those that do. 

So I get to be broke in California, pay the highest taxes, have an idiot for Governor (though not as bad as Sarah Palin but only because we stay on his ass) all for the 'privilege' of being here. 

What have you done for me lately California?

Why do I live here? San Francisco is beautiful. We've got wine country. Great food. Sunshine (when you don't live in the City). I hear rumors that our current District Attorney Kamala Harris will run for Mayor for 2010. I think she's been surprisingly fair considering how unjust the justice system can be. We have a female Police Chief and Fire Chief. These things are unheard of for a lot of cities.

But the rents here are ridiculous and the vacancy rate is at .002%. Nobody can afford to move. If you live in a more affordable apartment your landlord can claim they want the unit for themselves to live and evict you. 

So I've ranted. What's my plan? Focus on being positive and continue applying myself. I should be able to use principles from The Secret, A New Earth or You Can Heal Your Life to get all the things I think I deserve, right? Or are these things part of that Western mindset that we can have more? Are my expectations too high? Is this the 'curse' of American entitlement? What's going on? I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. 

When I was 20 I thought all I had to do was want something, pursue it and everything would work out. Now that I'm older - and more (jaded) knowledgeable about the ups and downs of life I honestly don't know. I'd like the universe to bail me out though and help me get on track. Bring sexy back or something.  Sooner rather than later. 

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