Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Really Live While We're Here

Due to the celebrity factor one family's personal tragedy is being played in the news. The sad thing is this sort of tragedy occurs all too often and those of us left behind have to find the will to survive - and thrive in its aftermath. 

We cannot control what other people do if they decide to put their own wants over our needs. Black women are especially good at overlooking glaring pathologies in people because we have not healed the ancestral wounds from our embattled history in this country. Sometimes we just get our feelings hurt. Sometimes we pay a much higher price. 

We have to want more for ourselves and have a vision for things beyond our immediate reach. Striving for more takes its toll. Not settling can be a difficult journey. A lonely journey if those around us don't want to or don't understand why it's so important. We have to draw a line in the sand. We have to take the road less traveled to get to the promised land and be free. Giving up may bring immediate relief but once that journey begins there can be no going back. Taking the blue pill is not an option!!

I found this old clip from Soul Train featuring Stevie Wonder. He was discussing his relationship with Minnie Riperton. This was the first show that aired after her passing. I've been a huge fan of hers since childhood. I always thought she did such amazing things with her voice. As an adult, as a woman and as a musician I am even more in awe of her talent, her love for her family and the purity that came through her songs. 

My family has not gone unscathed by brutality aimed at innocents. I lost one of my brothers  a little more than 2 years ago. My only comfort is that the statute of limitations for murder doesn't run out and eventually justice will prevail. An artistic young man of 21, college student and gainfully employed he most certainly wasn't supposed to be a statistic. He also saw the potential of everyone and his light indeed touched many. I think God decided he needed to see his smile and dimples sooner rather than later.

So perhaps with this bit of sadness in the air I'm feeling more emotional but I cried today at all the beauty that has been lost. I don't regret my tears though because the beauty was so bright it still lights my soul.

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