Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd Debate Wrap-Up and Why Healthcare Is Paramount

So it was Round 2 of "I Wanna Be President". McCain looked a little cagey. Obama played it cool and even smiled at McCain while he was slamming him. This used to make me yell at my teevee for Obama to 'do something' but I finally get it. When you are confident in your position and in control of your emotions you don't sweat the small stuff. Like being referred to as "that one". That's for us to point out.

McCain also refused to shake Obama's hand at the end of the debate. LAME. LAME. LAME. If you can't even fake graciousness during a lousy debate how in the heck are you supposed to be entrusted with running a country in crisis and on the decline? Let's be clear friends I do not think for one nanosecond any politician cares more about me than I do, but in a choice between these two the choice is ever so clear.

So mine may be a decidedly partisan opinion here but several things stood out:

1.  McCain offers no solutions for Africa(n) nations. You can't stretch the military after all.

2.  McCain wants to freeze all spending - except for buying bad mortgages from banks and defense. So bomb bomb Iran it is - and no help for the actual (former) home owners.

3.  He offers a tax break for healthcare. He claims to be opposed to gov't involvement in healthcare, but he receives heavily subsidized health care from the gov't!!

His plan calls for taxation on employer-provided coverage. If I want to keep what I have I'd end up paying more taxes. But I can choose to use a different provider that's cheaper if I want and there was no discussion about which insurers would be available since it's a free market and they may choose to not carry me. And some people seem to think the Obama plan is 'socialized medicine' without ever defining what that means. 

People without insurance, without jobs that provide insurance and those that use free health clinics would get exactly what under the McCain plan? All that money being spent for triage service instead of real 'care' could be utilized so much more efficiently. 

Tax credits only work for those with an income to justify using one. I need money upfront not a credit for future use!! How is any coverage guaranteed? And remember he voted against the State Children's Health Insurance Plan. How do you deny coverage to children? 

4.  McCain talked about LIEberman way too much. What about his VP? We know Sarah Palin has become the Neo-Cons MILF on a cracker but not one 'shout-out'?

5.  McCain did not specify how many tours of duty he'd require from military personnel to support that 'victory' he touts. Nor did he mention the surge occurred when the US paid off a lot of people.

6.  McCain claimed to have acted responsibly in his military and political career. Huh? Crashing planes, getting captured, Keating 5, voting against the King Holiday, the GI Bill, Ledbetter Fair Pay Act...shall I go on? The cheating, the drinking, more womanizing, the anger issues..geez all that EXPERIENCE just sends chills down my spine. And not in a good way. 

7.  McCain's claim of inherent benevolence should disqualify him from holding any political office ever again. "But the fact is, America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world." John, what have you been smokin'? 

Check out McCain Source for a detailed list of his voting record (NO SPIN) with links! 

For the record I do not agree with every policy of Senator Obama, nor the actions of the Democratic Party. Obama did mention one very important fact: the US cannot keep borrowing money from China. That should be a front page item. Bring it home that this country is BROKE. And why. The fake IRAQ war. 

The mostly Republican support of lobbyists who relaxed all the rules for sound lending principals by the banking industry for a profit. Some Democrats have to share blame but the laws introduced were written by Republicans (see McCain friend Phil Gramm). It takes three times the effort to fix something once it's been messed up than making wise decisions in the first place. Add all that money up and it's about 3 TRILLION. Is that 16 zeros or 20 zeros? I was guessing. Our national debt is now 10 TRILLION so that Iraq bill, the recent bail-out and God knows what else doubled it since the Clinton administration. And somebody wants to argue over nickels and dimes to cover 'unnecessary' gov't spending [and making comprehensive affordable health coverage not just lower priced insurance plans] by ignoring the BIGGEST ONES of them ALL?!!! We've had 26 years of leadership from McCain and what have we the people gained from all of that time and experience and reaching across the aisle? A gold-plated Cadillac.

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