Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ayn Rand Speaks - Will Anybody Listen?

I have started to wonder if Eliot Spitzer was really brought down because of a sex scandal or due to his investigations of companies with ties to the Bush administration. Specifically the relationship between the gov't and AIG. Despite the news reports of their partying ways the Federal Reserve is going to kick in another $37.5 BILLION. Somebody really likes them!

I mean I thought it was rather convenient and stupid quite frankly for the former Governor to get caught with his pants down, if only because it's been done so many times. I wondered why it required a removal from office. He wasn't teh President after all. And he looks like an insect. Sometimes. 

It's just he was very passionate about exposing corruption. So sexual extra curricular activities seemed so blase. It was a young pretty woman we're talking about not a young pretty man. Now that would've been a real scandal. He had to know people were gunning for him. Oh, I know that isn't a real deterrent. It didn't stop John Edwards from running for POTUS and it won't stop whoever comes next. I just got the impression he was somehow different. Smarter than that. 

Perhaps he got in the the way of an AIPAC agenda as well. His being a Jew didn't protect him from their retaliation. All he lost was his post. He still has his family, his health and financial means. He might be able to run for office again - unless that was the sacrifice he made. I don't know.

It's just rare to find politicians who rage against the machine. They are usually completely co-opted, chased out of office or completely written off as crazy like Cynthia McKinney. Oh yeah...some are murdered too, but I wasn't trying to go there.  

I wonder how many of us really want to know all the stuff that goes on? Look at how Martial Law was threatened if the politicians didn't support the Bailout vote. 

This really isn't something we should let go of. Come on now a few hundred thousand people protesting armed with cameras and some media coverage? Sometimes you really have to put yourself on the line when it really counts. Or I am being incredibly naive? 

I read Atlas Shrugged 3 years ago for the first time. It was the longest book I've ever read for 'pleasure' and it seemed so long because you have to think while you're reading. It requires your utmost attention and I usually deploy skimming techniques. Not with this book! Ms. Rand was ahead of her time. Listen to her message to Conservatives and see if any of this rings a bell.

If you've read the book you know about those that decided to leave society as it imploded on itself. I have no doubt that there could be a real secret society of dissenters but it might be a very exclusive party. It would have to be the most clever rave invite ever. No hunting for notes and eggs with messages written on them to lead you down the road and over the hill. Oooh maybe it's like the Amazing Race but your prize is that you get to live to fight another day. Can you even hide land nowadays with so many spy satellites?

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