Monday, October 6, 2008

McLame Tries to Rehash the Kitchen Sink Tactic. It Didn't Work for His Good Friends the Clintons So Why Bother Now?

Sarah Palin was in the Bay Area (Burlingame) on Sunday for a fundraising trip. You know she wouldn't have dared set foot in San Francisco proper. Something about vampires and sunlight I think! You know the No-Talk Express train is headed for a possible collision - but not before running out of gas. Lame. Lame. Lame. 

You know this election is supposed to be about issues. We're supposed to evaluate the candidates on their leadership skills and even experience. McCain is supposed to have all that in the bag. So why the inferiority complex John?

Why am I hearing about Obama "palling around with terrorists" in reference to William Ayers again? You know the hockey mom deserves (some) respect for being the only female candidate running. It was the reason she was chosen. That and compliance, cuz it's not for the pay. I deserve respect as a decent human being - and for not being a fool. Politics are not so usual when your campaign has the audacity to steal your opponent's slogan, logo and lingo at every turn. There's no change when all you do is bite someone's speeches. You know they have an 'intern' play tapes, take crib notes and rewrite them for the McCain speech the next day. Like those recipes....

Didn't the slogan used to be "Experience We Can Believe In"? But it was something before that. And now it's "Country First". Shouldn't it read, "I Will Lie About Anything & Everything"?

I expect a Rev. Wright video replay by the end of the week. This is really weak. If this concerns you as a voter and turns you away - I think you would've already made up your mind about that by now. We went through all of this in February - thanks to Hill & Bill. Been there done that and we jumped off that bandwagon.

I am really insulted by the claim of no new taxes  - but McCain would make me pay taxes on my health insurance - which would in fact cost me $3000 more than what I pay now. What kind of change is that?

What kind of math is that? Oh, right it's the math that adds up to $830-850B for the Bailout + $750B for the war + the pending $400B McCain will give to large corporations (his campaign sponsors by the way) + whatever else the Neo-Cons have planned (Iran, N. Korea) = my future great-grandchildren will have a tax bill on their heads from their moment of birth. I'll need those future relatives to take care of me because Social Security won't exist anymore.

Nearly 1 million people lost their jobs across the country this past month. Only one candidate wants to discuss this and offer solutions (yes we'll see how long that takes cuz the piggy bank is empty). Like the unemployment rate figures it doesn't count all the people who've previously applied and are receiving benefits. So in fact the number of out of work, underemployed and struggling people is much higher than reported.  The other one wants to talk about William Ayers (the rebellious son of privilege who acted out and was protected due to his race and class). If this is the important issue for you then by all means vote for McCain.

As for me I want a real leader and not a show-boater. Someone who knows what it's like to struggle to pay off debts. Someone who is far more financially responsible than I've been who has no credit card debt - which means he knows how to balance a budget! Can I get someone who keeps in cool (at least in public) and uses the most important muscle - his brain? 

As if this wasn't bad enough I was watching the CBS5 11pm news and they had some tired rehash of how Black people (who are conveniently voting for Obama) may come out in droves to oppose the Gay Marriage Amendment. Because Black people are sooo religious and conservative and hate teh gays!!! 

And we're voting for Obama - because he's Black. Well that wasn't said in this segment but I'm sure they've mentioned it at some point I just don't usually watch. Ugh I am sick of this BS!! You know I had to fire off a phone call and email to the idiot News Director.  

By the way I am still waiting for a report on Drudge or a ticker tape on CNN or notice by the corporate media how Tuesday's debate is going to be moderated by someone favorable to one particular candidate. Oh wait, it's Tom Brokaw who's like BFF with McCain since the 1980's but he's white and male so I guess he couldn't possibly be biased, right? Right?'s not gonna Black people that will need to be monitored. A bunch of white people are gonna lose their ever-lovin' minds on November 5th, unless some other 'catastrophe' occurs before then. 

Update: Monday 254pm: Palin pounces with a Rev. Wright reference. Geez that didn't take long did it? Now Obama decides to throw out a jab by reminding people about the biggest economic melt-down of its time, the Lincoln Savings & Loan Bank collapse and over-assist known as the Keating Five scandal. Shouldn't they be in jail? Along with the latest motley crew? And we're supposed to believe McLiar knows anything about the economy except how to let his friends destroy it? 

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