Monday, October 27, 2008

8 Days and Counting!!!

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So I don't want to count any chickens before they're hatched, but I can't help but notice those that are coming home to roost either! 

Election Day is nearly one week away and I have to say I am getting excited. I feel a shift, a momentum building though I am optimistically cautious and ever diligent. Obama's poll numbers are through the roof and he is even leading in several formerly Red states that went for Bush. Yeah!!

In California we have a plethora of State Propositions to vote on, 12 to be exact. 

1.   Prop 1A  High-Speed Passenger Train
2.   Prop 2  Standards for Confining Farm Animals
3.   Prop 3  Children's Hospital Bond Act
4.   Abortion Waiting Period/Parental Notification 
5.   Non-Violent Drug Offense Initiative
6.   Police & Law Enforcement Funding
7.   Renewable Energy
8.   Gay Marriage Ban 
9.   Criminal Justice System
10.  Alternate Fuel Vehicles
11.  Redistricting
12.  Veterans' Bond Act

Go to CA Secretary of State website for detailed info. 

Also the Courage Campaign has a voter guide that is downloadable to pdf.  

In San Francisco we have 22 additional Propositions to vote on - yeah! It's a LOT. Plus the Presidential election. 

A: SF General Hospital and Trauma Center Earthquake Safety Bond
B: Establishing of Affordable Housing Fund (Charter Amendment)
C: Prohibiting City Employees from Serving on Charter Boards/Commissions
D: Financing Pier 70 Development Upon Board of Supervisors' Approval
E: Changing the Number of Signatures Required to Recall City Officials
F: Holding All Scheduled City Elections Only in Even-Numbered Years
G: Allowing Retirement System Credit for Unpaid Parental Leave
H: Changing Revenue Bond Authority to Pay for Public Utility 
I: Creating the Office of an Independent Rate Payer Advocate
J: Creating a Historic Preservation Commission
K: Changing the Enforcement of Laws Related to Prostitution and Sex Workers
L: Funding the Community Justice Center
M: Changing Rent Ordinance to Prohibit Harassment of Tenants  
N: Changing Real Property Transfer Tax Rates
O: Replacing the Emergency Response Fee With an Access Line Tax 
P: Changing the Composition of the SF County Transportation Authority Board
Q: Modifying the Payroll Expense Tax
R: Renaming the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant
S: Policy of Budget Set-Asides & Identification of Replacement Funds
T: Free and Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
U: Policy Against Funding the Deployment of Armed Forces in Iraq
V: Policy Against Terminating (JROTC) Programs in Public High Schools 

There's other district races as well, but this is the bulk of ballot measures. To be well informed is to be well-armed.

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