Friday, October 24, 2008

Payback's A....

I wasn't gonna say nuthin' about nuthin' but dang it - this is just too good! All the dirt the McCain campaign, Republican party and their media supporters have thrown is coming back on them. They have to eat a very big piece of crow over this story of the "innocent white woman McCain volunteer victimized by big Black brute Obama supporter" meme - that turned out to be a total and complete lie! Surprise, surprise....

McCain's Communications Director tried to fan the flames of race tensions.

Then Fox News ran with the story. Drudge Report also made it a front page story.

Then common sense prevails and the 'victim' claims to be mentally unstable when she is revealed to be just a prejudiced woman with an agenda. And a liar!


I guess you can't even support a candidate but for all the 'crazies'. 

Now I want McCain to publicly repudiate all of his supporters who deploy racially charged firebombs (only to get caught in their wake). He keeps defending them so he gets no sympathy when they take that rope they've been given and hang his campaign with it. 

A few weeks ago a Newsweek article suggested that Black people would have a hard time dealing with an Obama loss (if it was legit, not based on voter theft). Well, I think we may need to beware a certain population of McCain supporters should he lose. Some of them are the ones who are actually harming people. 

Update: Here's part of the Press conference given by Pittsburgh Police Asst. Chief  Maurita Bryant. Note the Asst. Chief is a Black woman who correctly identified the potential racial arson that could have resulted had this lie been allowed to proceed. SMH.

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