Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take It To the Streets

We have a lovely tradition of civil disobedience and citizen protest in San Francisco that I love. It is a dichotomy that in a city known for being progressive is also squeezing out those that would dissent to make society a little fairer due to overpriced housing and costs of living. There are many Propositions on the ballot that would be very beneficial to residents in this state should they pass. One of the more positive aspects of the interest in this election cycle is the sheer number of people engaged. 

We will be analyzing the strategies employed by the Obama campaign and how much it changed the way elections are run for years to come. It was no accident that this campaign has always been worded to be inclusive and how the supporters grew from a few thousand to millions. The draw wasn't solely based on dissatisfaction with the current administration either. People don't put a sustained effort into something that is inherently negative unless their purpose is to cause destruction for their benefit. The enthusiasm and support Obama has received is the result of light being shown in dark places and people gravitate towards that. 

Update:  Sign this ACLU petition about protecting your right to vote.

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