Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Geez Is This Debate Over Yet?

It's not even half-way through and I am ready to turn it off! I am hearing the SAME talking points I've been hearing for the past few weeks now. McCain is slowly but surely losing it though. He's getting testier by the minute. The CNN peter meter is dropping like a lead stone at everything McCain says. Neither candidate has addressed working class and lower income or homeless people. It's all about Joe the Plumber. McCain has not yet offered any solutions about setting this economy right - though he says his campaign is all about that. He just keeps trying to claim Obama is going to raise taxes, or that he has shady connections. Who is he trying to convince about this? 

It is code word for: He's Black don't vote for him. What does that have to do with YOU John McCain? He had the nerve to say, and I quote "ACORN is destroying the fabric of this country." So the banks and private companies and their shady lending practices and setting up the biggest Ponzi scheme since the tech stock implosion has nothing to do with it? He started off this debate complaining about Secretary Paulson. I'm hearing the man who couldn't distinguish the difference between Shia and Sunni try to diss Joe Biden's credibility in the Senate when Joe has been there longer. This isn't about the American people. This is about his ego and feeding his ambition. Obama is holding his own and by now I've accepted he's not going to go on the attack. He's just going to stay chill and he's not letting McCain walk over him. Sorry McCain but your bulging eyes and that smirk on your face are a dead giveaway. He keeps misrepresenting his own positions and oversimplifying things. Sigh. I wish McCain has been the Maverick he used to be. Instead he is a pathetic shell of his former self and I can't sit by while he tries to pull 3-card Monty with facts and promises. McCain = Worse than Bush.  

Update: 740pm It's a wrap. I didn't see any extra ground covered during the last portion of the debate. The pundits are on offering their jaundiced points of view, because honestly they don't know what they're talking about. I'll update again when the polls come out. I call an Obama win. Even if McCain is seen to be ahead it's not going to turn the tide. 

Update: 810pm McCain you lose AGAIN. 

MSNBC: Obama 85%, McCain 12%

CNN:  Obama 58%, McCain 31%

CBS:  Obama 53%, McCain 22% 

So McCain might want to try to make the next three weeks about "Joe" but let's not forget about Lilly Ledbetter. Let's not forget about a gov't freeze under a McCain administration. Let's not forget about the economy. This isn't a pugilist contest. Or a popularity contest.  If John McCain is not President Bush then what plans does McCain have that are different? Or better?  He has NOT answered that. He claims to be opposed to earmarks yet he signed that $840 Bailout package that had $140B added to it. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk...... 

Update 10/16 259pm:  Ok here's a funny video put out by the campaign linking McCain and Bush and the SEIU put one out a few days ago as well.

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