Monday, October 13, 2008

Idiot Rethug Wind-Up Doll Gets the Smack-Down

I was watching this week's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher and had the opportunity to get my biggest laugh of the week. Watch and decide for yourself.

I'd like to be impartial and journalistic but Stephen Moore is a first-class tool. He's on the Editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. He's joined the ranks of other paid journalists whose integrity and impartiality is non-existent. Kinda like Ron Fournier of the Associated Press. The thing that kills me about these very partisan participants of punditry is that they use the same rule book whereby they: 1. Talk really loud  2. Act very aggressive  3. Attack, attack, attack  4. LIE (on tv, in print, via radio) 5. And laugh about it. People like him don't give a damn about the struggles and want to diminish the triumphs of the 'little people'. 

We're just a talking point for them while they do their media blitz and cash their checks. It is hard for me to see the vast hardships that (some) white men in this country have endured to make tool of the week a legit voice for the so-called oppressed (white person) Republican. All these Black and Brown (and Asian and Native) peoples running around the country bringing havoc and mayhem. How dare they want to own a home, have a career, earn an equal wage, not be taken advantage of and hold someone accountable. How dare they expect the law to be applied with sense and equality!! Don't they know their place?

Note to all of you squawkers: if you actually believe this crap you spew I've got a rocket to Mars with your name on it. If you want to debate a topic or give your point of view remember that it is your opinion not a fact! And you need to stop talking over people and allow for an actual discussion. Otherwise you're just being bullish. And spewing bull****!!! I'm sure there's another McCain (Klan) rally for you to attend before November.

For the record ACORN stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  It is the nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities. In order words, it helps people who are not necessarily middle class (and definitely not rich) invest in themselves and their communities by addressing fair lending practices, health care, paid sick days and other matters of importance. Poor people don't have lobbyists. 

Neither candidate has made a concerted effort as of late to address poverty in their campaign speeches, the debates or while stumping but since John McCain claims you need a $5M net worth to be considered rich I'd go with the other guy for being a little more in touch. You know the one that doesn't have their supporters acting like people who belong on the FBI's Most Wanted list. 

The end.


Unknown said...

I have to agree and is why I am not voting for either of the major party candidates. None have even mentioned poor people.

I get so tired of that reverse racism argument. wtf! who thought that one up.

it reminds me of that one Chris Rock stand up where he asked a white cat in the crowd if he would trade places with the comedian. Although the white cat didn't answer, we understood what he was thinking.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

I hope when you are still voting. My criticism is based on the fact that poor people have no advocates. The middle class are considered the prize heifers at a show but have actually dwindled in numbers as people have either moved up or moved down. Black middle class has been irrevocably harmed during the Bush years - like the Reagan years - but enough Black people voted for Bush in 2004 that it may have tipped the election in some battle ground states. Now Obama's economic plan that he put out in January did address several key elements that address poverty so you're not quite correct with that assessment. What I want is for them to TALK about poor people specifically. Only John Edwards did that - and now I look at everything he did through a jaundiced eye. But I do think McCain is completely out of touch with people who are not rich. Why? He talks about having the gov't buy up bad mortgages when the Republican platform is traditionally about less big gov't and fiscal responsibility. And he wants to spend more money on the military. That's why things are esp. bad right now. They spent everything we have AND passed on record levels of debt. Anyway if you live in a battleground state I'd urge you to weigh your vote carefully.