Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Twitter is Gonna Jack Up My Cell Phone Bill

So I found a bunch of people on Twitter and allowed for SMS updates. Well damn! Who knew people would be sending so many messages. Or am I following too many people, hey? I've had a 400 text message plan and that was plenty. Now..not so much. Do I disable or upgrade to unlimited texts? I hate having to pay almost $70/month as it is. I have a Crackberry and PTL my service is with T-Mobile.

**Soapbox Alert**
By the way all you people with AT&T service should be taken to task with their FISA violations and all. I don't care that they carry the iPhone. You could buy it unlocked. Yeah it costs more, but you can't get insurance on it anyway and since some of you must be rich enough or in debt enough to keep funding your consumerist habits it shouldn't matter. Don't fund companies that promote foolishness, denigrate women or break the law. By the way T-Mobile and Credo Mobile did NOT violate FISA. Ok I'll get off my soapbox now.

The only reason my nearly $70 bill is so 'low' is because I've disabled my wireless access. My bill was $96/month. I just can't abide with spending nearly $100 per month for cell phone service. I love technology. I hate being overcharged. The amount of fees and taxes is upwards of $15 and FOR WHAT? I know that is still less than what Verizon and A T & T charges for comparable service. I have the My Faves plan and 1500 minutes, free nights & weekends and 400 SMS. That's pretty good but still grossly overpriced for what I'd pay in the UK or Europe where all incoming calls are free and they were sending SMS like 6 years ago. We are soooo behind the times.

I still haven't reconciled myself to the use of cobalt that can only be found in specific countries in Africa. Is this another jacked-up situation where the big conglomerates with the military backing of the West takes resources and the people get nothing and we are oblivious and willfully ignorant to the suffering of others? Hello I have enough problems - I just did a post about it!!!!

Anyway this was supposed to be a quick blurb because I got a Twitter message that Rachel Maddow is getting her own MSNBC show. Yeah for her! But my immediate thought was, where's the Black people, specifically a Black woman with her own prime-time, morning drive, late night, mid-day or early evening show? Donna Brazile would be a great host. Or Gwen Ifill [who should've gotten the Meet the Press post] or any number of qualified journalists or politically aware and socially conscious women of color. So this is a great start but let's not be patted on the head and sent away because 'they' let another [white] woman in. I just hope she doesn't start preaching the Oppression Olympics lie of how sexism is worse than racism by discounting Black women and other women of color. We'll see.


Nichelle said...

Hi Faith,

I see you followed me on Twitter (Anovelista) - that's how I found you.:)

I would suggest downloading Twitterberry to your BlackBerry so you can Twitter away for free. Or just use the mobile version of Twitter in your browser which will cost no more than your data plan. Using SMS for Twitter makes no sense unless you have an unlimited plan.

You can go to Twitterberry from your browser and download it from there - http://www.orangatame.com/ota/twitterberry/

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hi Nichelle,

Thanks for the heads up. I had shut all device notification originally so all of those SMS messages wasn't gonna work.