Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Am Headed to Denver

Hey All,

I am wrapping up final preparations for my trip to the Democratic National Convention. I can't wait to meet my fellow bloggers, delegates, protesters and average citizens. Also I've never been to Denver. Well actually, when I first moved to CA my friend and I drove out from NY and took the Northern route and passed through Colorado. I remember wanting to stop and stay a few days because it was so purty and green. Even in June there was snow on the mountain tops.

Will there be a JLo sighting? Can I shake hands with Barbara Lee? Will I see lots of celebrities? Do I need a raincoat? Will the police have on riot gear and throw tear gas at passersby? Can I rough it in the woods to see Rage Against the Machine? Will bottled water be $8 like it is in Miami during the Winter Music Conference? Will I come back enlightened and invigorated or surly and feeling alienated?

I have to thank a certain person that I met at another political event who originally suggested I go and made an offer for tickets to events, etc. I never heard from her again but instead of being pissed off at flaky people I decided to see it as a sign that I should try to make it happen. No blogger credentials, no place to stay, really no money since I'm interviewing for jobs right now but.....a little focus, a little prayer and my risk-taking nature and here I be.

See participating in message boards and comment sections at other blogs paid off. Shout-outs to JJP, The Field and Fieldhands group and a certain Obama delegate. I think it was meant to be. This is a once-in-a-lifetime scenario I believe. I am very grateful and humbled to be able to participate. Even breathing the air will be different. Thanks to those ridiculous baggage fees I am going to try to pack the smallest bag ever and let me tell you I am a notorious over-packer.

I will try to live-blog as many events as I can, send Twitter updates and post a few recaps but I want to experience the sights, sounds, smells and tastes unfettered. I have a few wishes like meeting Donna Brazile and Susan Rice and perhaps getting an interview? One can hope, right? I look forward to all the unexpected pleasantries.


P.S. What do you think of the Roland Martin interview of Michelle Obama?

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