Saturday, August 23, 2008

Calgon Take Me Away

So the Geritol generation gets someone they can relate to. Makes me really look forward to them dying out and us youngsters taking over. Apparently Joe isn't filthy rich, has two young daughters and is firmly established enough. He's, quoting Obama from his speech today, "Ready to be President". Hmmm. If the Colored Dude would be #1 and the White Female political juggernaut is #3 the people behind the curtain NEED an older white man in at #2. You know just because. So I get it, he wasn't picked to appeal to me. Cuz it's all about winning baby. And it wasn't Clinton. Ol' Joe just better stick to his attack dog purpose and keep in his mouth shut unless it's been scripted. Of course the Rethugs will run all the times he said Obama wasn't experienced enough. With friends like these!


Already there's lots of crunchy stuff to chew on as this political race heats up before the final combust in less than 11 weeks. And then the next set of obstacles, problems and needs for protest will rise up like weeds from this putrid garden we've scattered our seeds of discontent throughout. Gee that wasn't very positive was it? Oh well. It is what it is.

There's a Free Tibet march going on right outside my window as I type this. A nice preliminary for the Convention. I am more interested in the so-called anti-establishment events like those of Progressive Democrats of America, World Can't Wait, We Are Change Colorado, Recreate68, Code Pink and others.

I. Am. Tired.

For the first time in my adult life I really.... see how not knowing what's going on, not making things a priority and leaving things up to other people has put our lives in a very precarious situation. Or severe dire straits. It's all in how you look at it.

Things are actually fine according to some. It's all in our heads. If we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps we'll be fine. Unless we make better choices it's all our fault. Institutional injustices be damned. Not physically being born in this country was a matter of pre-determination. Some people are just especially lucky afterall.

We have hope and change waiting on the horizon.

So why do I feel uneasy? Why a sense of dread? Why do I feel like something is not quite right? Why do I want to be wrong, so very wrong? Hopefully I'll be able to shake this after a few days of combining hob-nobbing with protesting because I am nothing if not a contradiction. I like pretty things and nice surroundings and comfort. I don't want to think about people in Haiti who are being forced to eat dirt due to our greed. Yes, it's ours. We should own up to it. It's not a pass the buck type situation. Well passing the buck has helped contribute to it.

I just want to bury my head in the sand. Wake me up when it's all over. It's not just political apathy. It's a spiritual hole in our souls, a mental hiccup in our psyches. It's questions with no answers because we have free will to do whatever we want. Except, except there's always a price to pay somewhere down the line isn't there?

When we have questions about life doesn't it make you feel somewhat empty? Or do we avoid even thinking about it? Do we numb ourselves to lack any awareness so that we only focus on what's right in front of us? If we run can we hide from ourselves?

Or escapism tends to fall into certain parameters:

a. Puff puff
b. Snort snort
c. Toot toot, hey beep beep


d. Stuffing our faces with every comfort food imaginable.

Actually it's not the food per se but the amount of food. actually let me throw in another caveat. I take issue with the modified food starch and corn syrup added to virtually everything in this country. Do you know it's banned in the UK? It bloats us up, makes us sluggish and lethargic. Just to ripen us up for an evening in front of the 500 + channels on the teevee.

Some go far far off the path and hurt people in every way imaginable because they were hurt by someone.

Did your desire to acquire lead you down a path of never-ending want? If you are currently struggling but had not before did you consider others who had less than or not enough?

See, it's a cycle that can repeat itself over and over and over. Though being aware of it you can do something about it. Change your mindset and perspective. It may not come easily or happen quickly. Some things may take a generation or two. Or three.

Hmmm I'm starting to feel better already.


There IS hope afterall. And change is just over the horizon. There is a Promised Land. Zen philosophy has us currently in it. And heaven is here on earth right now, not some far away place we go to when. I think that takes us back to the responsibility portion of our lesson. How we have the responsibility, the opportunity, no the PRIVILEGE to look outside ourselves and DO for OTHERS. That is how we'll get our needs met.

So let's be grateful for people who ask questions, who lodge complaints and demand more from us than what we find comfortable. It's because we can do it.

A true bottom-up government requires active participation from ALL of its citizens. It starts with those elected to:

1. School Board
2. City council
3. State gov't
4. Judges at all levels

Let's focus on having a few well-placed people un-bought and un-bossed and we can see REAL CHANGE. Old people with old mind-sets be damned!

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