Monday, August 11, 2008

Sexual Conduct and Double-Standards: Edwards, Clinton, Obama and Black people

John Edwards has a baby mama. Sure this is old news by now, well actually it's officially 'unconfirmed'. Yeah right. I give it a few weeks. On a more important note we lost two greats this weekend. R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

So...why do I care? Black people are held to different standards.
Black women are thought to be loose morally.
White women get to benefit from behaving like Jezebel. Paris Hilton made her career from a sex tape. Even potential First Lady Cindy McCain was a 'mistress' before a missus.

This is not about judging people on a moral high ground/puritanical USA sexual hang-up meme.
This is about white men of privilege getting away with sexual misconduct without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Do you think if this had been Barack Obama people would be so understanding? If Michelle Obama had been Barack's mistress or if he'd had one it wouldn't have been made public on Faux News Network?

CNN "Black People Are Inferior And Here's Why" special report got it all wrong I'm afraid.

I found myself humming Billie Jean and thinking about Maury's infamous paternity result shows.

Will there be a criminal investigation? Campaign funds were used to pay 'compensation'. That compensation was supposed to be making videos - campaign videos that is. How easy do you think it is to get a paid staff job working for a politician? Add in a job where you have no previous or discernible experience in. What are the odds - seriously? Unless, unless you know somebody?

With sexism being talked about so heatedly this election cycle what example does this set for women in the workplace?

I always found Edwards to be too slick for his own good. I just wasn't excited by his campaign. His whining about not getting traction in the press did not endear me either. It reminds me of John McCain's fake outrage too. Now of course I think he didn't REALLY want too much scrutiny into his campaign and his life. All the skeletons would come tumbling out. Like McCain. I wish there would be more comparison to the 'Old Guy Running' who cheated on his first wife and left her for a rodeo queen heiress. Who wears $500 shoes and owns 9 houses - some of which he can't be bothered to pay taxes on. And people have a problem voting for a stellar [but not perfect] candidate because he's not white. SMH!

Plus Edwards wasn't exactly supportive of Same-Sex Loving Individuals who wish to marry. Is there a word for extra-low hypocrite?

Face it, John Edwards was trying to pull a Bill Clinton in a year when Democrats need to win. People were asleep at the wheel about Slick Billy Jeff in 1991. He came with that extra sexual curricular activity list from the get-go. Was it any surprise that it would continue unabated and perhaps escalate? It was Clinton fatigue that led Gore to distance himself. The Clintons were self-serving so the Democrats were in a weakened state already. The Republicans were united in their efforts, they were hypocritical and nefarious but focused. The downticket candidates had little help. Bush just squeaked by. People closed their eyes. Millions were illegally purged from the voter rolls. The Supreme Court pulled a monarchy move worthy of every dictator [West-friendly leader] the US Gov't has ever supported. The media kicked in by subverting...the news. And HERE WE ARE!

Do we REALLY need to be questioning how the Rethuglican party effed up this country? They had free reign for the past 8 years. Are you doing better? Do you have a job? What's your health coverage like? Spotty or Non-Existent or Enough to Qualify as a Mortgage Payment? Tried to go to Europe lately to see your USD worth pennies? Do you think the price of gas is going to fall .... or increase? Still willing to make excuses? Have you found yourself out on the street when that one paycheck you were relying on was gone? It's not just about electing a Democrat, but PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE. I know I know you say but I don't know about that guy. He seems inexperienced. This country has some serious unresolved racial prejudices....but this country is hanging on by a thread. Are we there yet?

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