Saturday, August 30, 2008


No this ain't Cats, but as a musical theatre junkie and show tune connoisseur can I just say "Mr. Mistofelees" is a fun song? By the time I left Denver I felt as if I were Fantine from Les Miz singing "I Dreamed A Dream" and wanting to storm the barricades. Supershuttle should change its name to NoShow. Despite my advance booking and pre-payment it turns out they had vans galore if you were staying in a hotel or walking down the street near one. They'd take anybody. Except the people who'd made reservations. Added to that a pending holiday, offices being closed and senior management gone, the people left couldn't rub their brains together to form a singular thought or take a simple course of action. So hanging up on customers and transferring to voice mail and lying about being the senior person on staff was the rule of the day.

Bad corporate policy that leaves all the responsibility with no authority for junior staffers sets them up for failure. On the other hand when you don't schedule a van pick-up until 35 minutes after the reserved time of arrival AND don't allow that driver to take me to the airport directly then I will have NO sympathy for your idiocy. I'd like to know what the corporate office will have to say after I've called local Denver television stations for their consumer watch/call for action segments, the Denver's Mayor's office, the Better Business Bureau, the Colorado Attorney General's office and unleashed my primal yell out into the blogosphere. You see they're supposed to guarantee pick-up or pay for the costs of hotels/airfare in case of a missed flight.

And of course I could not secure a taxi in time because they have one company that dominates and the other 2-3 have spotty service at best. Should I have been 'penalized' for staying at a local residence instead of a hotel? I'd already had the Invesco no-shuttle bus chaos experience. SOMEBODY did not plan for all the transportation needs during this very special week. Denver stock has plummeted tremendously in my eyes as this is the lasting impression I am left with. This is further example of how we as individuals without regulation, money, influence, connections or power will get the shaft by companies and gov't each and every time. Why does Supershuttle have a virtual monopoly on the door-to-door van service in Denver? Who awarded them that contract? That's what I intend to find out because once it's up for should be terminated. Oh yeah and I want my MONEY back!


Speaking of getting the shaft by gov't....

Friday was the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I fear it must be deja vu all over again for the Gulf Coast residents. Let us send them prayers and good thoughts for their safety. Just don't rely on FEMA because they continue to give away funds to other agencies and deny claims of legit victims.

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