Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Believe the Kid

This aired a few days ago on the Sheppard Smith show on Fixed Noise, Faux News, whatever you want to call it. I caught the tail end of this during the original broadcast but thanks to the internets we have it for posterity.

Bay Area resident Amanda Kokoeva was visiting her relatives in South Ossetia when the fighting broke out between Russian and Georgian troops. As you may have heard the official US stance is Russia=bad and Georgia is the innocent virgin that must be saved from the big bad brute country. Well the facts are not so cut and dry and definitely leading to fairy tale status. It is the usual Neo-Con scenario with Israeli involvement sprinkled in and Georgia was expecting the US-led NATO forces to help them punk Russia.

If you recall Shrub said he could see inside Putin's soul. I wonder what he saw? Russia called their bluff, no NATO forces came and they got their asses kicked. John McCain put in his two-cents even though he is not POTUS, the Ferragamo-loving Russian expert National Security Advisor stepped in and a cease-fire was called. Only Russia hasn't exactly complied and are only like 95% gone as of today. See Putin doesn't play and he is not even President of Russia anymore, it's Dmitry Medvedev.

So a 12-year old was in a cafe with relatives when the ish hit the fan. She's really lucky to have escaped. Her family doesn't know the status of their relatives left behind either. The US has no leverage, no moral ground and can't say squat about diddly because of Iraq. The military is spread waaay to thin. How many people want to volunteer for World War III? Hands? Anyone? Yeah I didn't think so.

So the funny thing about this little interview is you have actual people who were involved in a situation that the gov't and media wants to spin a completely opposite story about. Amanda thanked the Russian troops for saving her and her aunt slams the Georgian President for starting some ish he can't finish. And they get cut off. Classic!

Hmmm makes me wonder about Hugo Chavez being sooooo bad per the US. For not allowing the expansion of NAFTA, for calling Shrub "El Diablo", for wanting to nationalize his country's resources instead of having conglomerates take over, for....resisting perhaps? Maybe just maybe things are not what they appear.

Think critically people and take a look under the bed for monsters.

Update: In a very dangerous game of chicken the US signed a deal with Poland to build a military base near the border of Russia. Boy this gov't sure does know how to keep the drama going! And just when we thought it was going to pop off with Iran. It's not too late to apply pressure, give this lots of press and talk about what a HORRIBLE idea this is!!!

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