Friday, August 22, 2008

Support Keke Palmer Film Opening August 22nd

Whatever your plans are make sure to pencil in the KeKe Palmer/Ice Cube movie "The Longshots" when it is released tomorrow. Don't wait until next week or the week after. It may be pulled from the theaters by then. No bootleg copies, no waiting for pay-per-view. Even if it turns out to be a little schlocky. Is that even a word? Eh.

It's a POSITIVE movie starring a Black actress - actually two - Tasha Smith's in it as well. Keke is not quite a woman yet and it's really nice to see her get to play a smart, couth, teenager. There's not a baby or baby's daddy in sight [for her]. No Tales from the Hood victim story either. How did this ever get the greenlight?

Do you have any idea how many movies and tv shows I've watched this year where there was not even a Black female extra? And no I'm not getting paid for this endorsement and if you don't like the movie don't blame me, lol!

What's it all about? Well it's based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer who at the tender age of 11 became the first female quarterback of a Junior Pee Wee football team to go to the Nationals. It could be about baking cookies for all I care. KeKe Palmer's in it and so far she nor her parents have allowed her to be pimped out as a teenager seductress. And she can act. I am soooo jealous right now.

(Crossing my fingers that the Limp Bizkit guy didn't mess it up).

Here's the trailer:

Here's an interview with Jasmine herself:

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