Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Dems Unite Around Their Candidate

Barack Obama makes a surprise appearance at the Convention after Joe Biden's speech! Today was a momentous occasion and Thursday's nomination speech will culminate the end of one effort and the beginning of his future Presidency [yes I am full of hope].

May I first say that Hillary Clinton truly inspired yesterday with a warm and succinct message of encouragement and support. She invoked Harriet Tubman - and didn't come across as patronizing. Goooooaaaalllll! And today her ending the roll call and casting her vote for Obama was magical. I am so glad we have it on tape!

I have spent the entire day with bloggers and activists and traditional media types at the Big Tent. I thought 2-3 hours tops would be sufficient but I have had a ball here today. I've met so many thoughtful, concerned citizens and people like you and me who want to see this country recapture some of its former glory.

I just wish we had Bill on tape casting his vote for Obama as well, lol! He did it in his own way though with his redemption speech. He is so comfortable with crowds of people hanging on his every word. He knows how to make a point and give a great soundbite. It was impressive, though I'd actually give the A+ to Hills this time. Bill needed to preserve his legacy....and move on from any real or perceived animosity. Bill is at his best when he is charming and gracious. I'm glad to see he remembered that.

Joe Biden will be an effective Vice President as long as he remembers his purpose. So many of us may not agree on tactics but we want to end up in the same place.

It's only a little after 9pm Mountain Time but I feel as if I've been awake 24 hours. This altitude adjustment is no joke! I had a raging headache and was fighting lethargy the entire day but now feel as if I could fly to the moon! I need to conserve all my energy for Thursday. And have I mentioned how AWESOME Denver is? It is a beautiful city full of friendly people, good public transportation and lots of people of color doing well. Perhaps San Francisco has lost some of its charm?

Well I'm off to make a party pit-stop because being friendly and social makes life more interesting. I want to attend the last Democratic Women's caucus of the Convention and then I will be primed for the historic Obama nomination speech that we'll be certain to talk about for generations to come!

Today I am very proud to be an American!!!!

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