Monday, August 25, 2008

The Closer Did It Again

Michelle Obama gave the keynote address on the 1st night of the Convention. I'm sure there'll be plenty of analysis all over the blogosphere and with the teevee pundits. I thought it was a very safe speech. But I found it interesting. She clearly loves her family and supports her husband's political aspirations. Michelle had me until she did the politician chicken dance by mentioning Hillary Clinton, her non-existent 18 million voters (who couldn't manage to send her a buck and change each to retire her campaign debt) and then Joe Biden.

Compared to the real passion I saw from the other women I was a little disappointed, but I know it's all about staying on point and getting a unified message out. So mission accomplished. Just in case some need to be reminded: she LOVES this country. Black women are and have always been the backbone of this nation. People need to recognize.

I will say that Michelle comes across very poised, self-possessed, intelligent and confident without being pretentious or arrogant. That will be a source of strength for many and intimidation and fear in others. Her daughters are precious. Malia is already a stunner and will only be more of one as she matures. Sasha was too cute saying hello to her daddy. It may be symbolic to see them and commonplace in real life, but the Obama family looks and feels right.

*Michelle was specifically mentioned by the candidates listed above as being a woman with a message and how terrible it was when the media distorted her voice. She should be allowed to speak freely and from the heart.

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