Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bush Ain't the Only Rethug We Can't Wait to Get Rid Of

Sub-Titled: "People Who Have to Suffer Because Some of You Voters Are IDIOTS"

Here in California I believe a lot of residents are experiencing what some would call buyer's remorse. Except those of us who were taken along for the ride reluctantly. When former Governor Grey Davis declared war on Enron and what turned out to be the doctored rates and fake rolling blackouts, the Rethugs put out their version of a fatwa on his candidacy by offering up a Reagan for the Millenium. Who is that you may ask? Why action star Arnold Schwarzenegger of course. Good looking [to some] - check. Famous - check. Married into the USA version of foreign royalty - check. Right wing attack dog in mumbled English-speaking clothing - check, check, check!

See Grey Davis was actually doing his JOB questioning a company who ran in league with the Frat Boy [a lovely and apt term I got from Field Negro] and charging our state ridiculous rates for electricity and spotty service. Remember those $1000 bills for what had been say $350? Who do you think was behind that being that we're a solidly Democratic Party stronghold, aka a Blue State?

The Republican Party has been trying to subvert the existing laws and slowly chip away at progressive issues in a direct attack on those of us who seek a more just and fair world. There were enough of us in the Bay Area to see past the movie star glow and Kennedy wife to not support his candidacy. What about the rest of you? We get the government we allow.

1. CA Marriage Amendment
2. State Budget Crisis - when hasn't the state had a balanced budget while Ah-nold's been in office?
3. The attempt at killing rent-control.
4. Pay demotion of SEIU members from union wage to federal minimum wage - coincidently huge Obama supporters - connect the dots.....
5. Now he wants a 'temporary' increase in the state sales tax. We already have one of the highest rates at 8.5%.
6. Redistricting plans.
7. Voter Suppression.
8. Have I forgotten anything else?

And remember those plans to change to Constitution [as if it hasn't already been abused and subverted enough] to allow a foreigner to run for POTUS?

You Ain't Slick!

This is NOTHING less than an assault on the poorer, the less fortunate, the future activists of this state. Without a diverse constituency this state would go Red and be in the hands of the Rethugs once again. I have many many many issues with the Democratic Party. I am in total support of a viable insurgent 3rd Party to counterbalance the corruption that is rampant on both sides. I would have loved having a Mayor who was a member of the Green Party. To make a significant change you cannot go back, you can only move forward....with a solid plan. What can YOU do to help stop/slow/thwart this?

1. Call or email to remind him he's elected to represent the people, not his rich friends and not big business [one in the same I suppose]. People's governor my ass! He tried to take down the nurses/firefighters/teachers/our backbone of infrastructure before. He needs a reminder of how well that went over.

2. If the budget is in such crisis why not reduce the salaries and per diems of state employees and legislators making more than $100K who also have a $35K+ living expense bonus? Or how about not giving TAX BREAKS to sub-prime mortgage lenders who helped bring the economy down to begin with?

3. Time for some more marches and rallies I think. You know how well the Frat Boy likes them. He hasn't set foot in the City of San Francisco for fear of being caught on camera with protesters calling for his impeachment.

4. Contact Secretary of State Debra Bowen regarding our election laws. We need to make sure we don't have another case of the missing ballots. Can we know put to rest the entire fallacy of the so-called 'Bradley Effect'? He supposedly lost by x number of votes and six months after the election a missing ballot box with x and surplus amount of votes floated back to shore from the Pacific ocean. The fact is, he had enough votes to have won and the election was stolen from him. The end.

5. I don't know what else to suggest. People have to be informed. People have to take action. And let's thank and support those that are not rolling over and playing dead like so many other politicians - yeah I'm talking to you Congressional Democrats!

**I just found out there's an Assembly meeting scheduled for Friday at 1pm to discuss the budget.

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Liz Dwyer said...

AMEN!!! I have never been an Arnold fan and it killed me that folks bought into the mythology that he was gonna save the State. Things have gotten worse under his regime. Gray Davis wasn't perfect but, like you said, he was trying to do his job.