Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tyra Banks Show On the Obama Effect: Will Black Men Get It Together Now?

Ha! Ha! That wasn't the title of yesterday's episode but it's a valid question to ask. Of course if you personally have it together this doesn't apply to you. So no accusatory comments mmm-okay? The subtitle of this episode should be: Black Women Don't Wait Around For Black Men Still Trying To Figure Things Out: Do You!

You know I watch Ty-Ty's show from time to time because when she starts to veer too far on the edge of idiocy I feel it's my responsible as a Black woman to reign it - by complaining LOUDLY. This show looked to cover an interesting position, but I  already know it would get a FAIL for not delving into anything too deeply. Still even a surface discussion can lead to further reflection. Hopefully one day she'll realize the audience has the capability to handle it - though I'm not sure if she is. 

So this episode discusses what impact the election of Barack Obama, a Black man, will have and whether it will positively influence other Black men. It also asks about the relationship between Black men and women. Finesse Mitchell and Michael Dyson are guests. I skipped the first segment because they were discussing whether it was appropriate for Black men to wear sagging pants. I have two words: Prison Attire. If you have to ask then you are already too far gone. Disclaimer: If Warner Brothers asks me to remove material I will do so upon request and no copyright infringement is intended.

Woman Giving Up On Black Men
Well this guest describes the poor behavior of the men she's dated as the reason for not wanting to date any Black men, but the panel and host point out that her choices have something to do with her dating success or failure. It sounds to me like she a) hasn't set proper boundaries b) doesn't know how to evaluate men c) is not exercising her options. I would have loved for someone to have asked her if she was open to dating men who weren't exclusively Black. Of course if she can't choose a quality male then she could just swap one loser for another, but I suspect she's dating men she should not be giving the time of day to. The kicker is the producers who decided to trot out her white friend to tell her to "give Black men a chance". Trifling!

Black Man Who Says He Doesn't Like to Date Black Women - Ever!
Well this segment's a little rough ladies, so brace yourself! This total loser doesn't like Black women. This has been an ongoing discussion on Black women interracial dating sites and empowerment sites. Even Aunt Jemima's Revenge reluctantly asked last week if Black men really do hate Black women. Looking at the actions of some men that would be a YES, but not ALL do. I refer to this guest as a loser because....he is. How ridiculous that his female relative is sitting up there on stage pleading with him to give Black women a chance. Please don't!! 

Spare some poor woman a lot of heartache and self-doubt about her worth because she's focused on someone who will not value her under any circumstances. See the previous segment above again if you need to connect the dots. That woman wouldn't be considered the average Black woman because she has a straighter hair texture that blows in the wind. If she isn't being valued then the odds of a woman considered less attractive due to her (darker) skin tone and (less fine) hair texture doesn't stand a chance. Anyway, I bet this fool is living off a Black female relative though (not paying rent, borrowing money, whining about how he's a victim of racism) while he's trashing bw every chance he gets. White women please take him and don't send him back.

.....more video tba when I can get it to load properly

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