Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama Calls Out the Contrarians: Will They Listen?

I just watched PBO's press conference where he presented his Economic Policy Advisory Board. He also reminded the politicians that the people demanded change and not a continuation of the same failed policies. Nice to see him getting out in front of the message even as the Republicans have mounted a full-on public relations attack with a great assist from the corporate media. We still don't know what the stimulus package will contain in the end, but I agree with his assessment that blanket tax breaks are not going fix anything and that the situation is going to deteriorate further before it can begin to level off (if it does). 

I engaged in some feedback with readers about my post where I asked if the agendas of the Obama Presidency are derailed how prepared are the people that voted for him, specifically (non-elite or wealthy) Blacks for the fall out. I posed this question on one of the more popular Black political blogs and was largely smacked down. I supported the candidacy of PBO but I never considered myself one of the kool-aid drinkers. I also don't quite get how so many people are behaving like overly optimistic (blind sheep) thinkers who should know better. I've adopted a pro-active stance of preparing for the pending flood. 

We need to continue flooding the Capitol with calls, emails and faxes about passing this stimulus package, realizing it will NOT be a panacea to the economic meltdown but a place to start to rebuild. In the meantime, I will not be stuck on a roof expecting the government to come rescue me because I couldn't imagine being left to perish. I hope everyone is preparing accordingly as well.

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