Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Light At the End of the Tunnel (?)

So it looks like this stimulus package might just eek out with around 61 Senators. Apparently as many as 3 Republicans may decide to buck the "Block Obama Train" and actually try to assist those they represent so it can pass. Not all Democrats are supporting their party leader by the way. Since I haven't seen it yet I can't offer my two cents on its merits. It will not be a panacea and to insist that one person be able to undo all the damage and chaos a group of people did wouldn't exactly be fair. Of course we know that life isn't always situated thusly. Here's a thought - all those states whose representatives blocked this response and attempt to address things should NOT GET ANY OF THE MONEY! How ya like me now! The kiddies will eat their vegetables and they're gonna like them, darn it. I guess if people can sing and dance on inline skates at the same time we can do our part to "fix" the economy. 

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