Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maxine Waters Lays the Smack-Down to the Robbing Bankers

Now watch this snippet from the Congressional hearing with the Captains of the Universe yesterday and their snide attitudes and you can certainly understand why Rep. Waters (D-CA), Financial Services Subcommittee Chair was just a little peevish. Take note: this is what an advocate for the disenfranchised taxpayer does. 

Will we ever see Obama get gully? Not likely. The extremely compromised stimulus bill pending is the equivalent of using one square of tissue to try to stem a bloody nose. I'm glad the Robber Barons were made to squirm even though they won't be giving the money back anytime soon. Now they claim to have not needed government assistance (corporate welfare) in the first place. Funny how that didn't stop them from taking it plus the extra $70B Shrub handed out as a parting gift. They should all be in prison.

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